Soft tissue mass and nodules in lungs

I was diagonosed last year and had mastectomy last year, finsihed radiotherapy this jan. I have just forced my doctors to send me for scan and test as I havent had any done since my chemo ???
My urgent test has gone on for a month now as appotments are difficult to get. I had a ct scan done for chest and thorax. My MRI is next week as the last MRI was for back bone. I am now going for armpit and shoulder.
The doctor couldnt tell me anything, he just told me to come back in two weeks as he needs to discuss my case in a meeting and that I have nodules on my lungs and a soft tissue mass in my auxillary but I shouldnt worry.
Whenever, I am there, they never have my notes with them. I see my surgeon in one hospital and a junior onco in another hospital and they never have my NOTES with them.

The doctor I was talking too, was in a panic state and wasnt looking at me. He kept on saying to come back in two weeks as then the surgeon ccan see me. OH my god, I think I have gone through enough to be treated like this. I havent been seen by my onco for a year now, its always a registarar and they just give you a appointment after six months.
Anyone has a soft tissue mass or nodules found in their lungs? please update me and let me know what does this mean. thank you

Hi blueboo

I’m sorry to hear that you are having such a tough time at the moment. I’m sure the users of this site will be along to support you soon.

In the meantime maybe you would like to talk things through with a member of our helpline staff who are there to offer emotional support as well as practical information. The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 to 2.00.

Best wishes Sam, BC Facilitator

Hi blueboo
I had a mx in Feb this year but one of my pre-op scans showed lung nodularities…like you I was petrified what this meant and it took 6 weeks in all to find out what the matter was. I was referred for a CT scan, the wait for this was 3 weeks then I had a further 3 week to wait until i saw my doctor for results. Even then it was unclear and I was referred on to a respiratory consultant…another wait…then had to have more tests and a bronchoscopy. They’ve ruled out a lot of things and it might be that I have sarcoidosis but at the moment I don’t need any treatment. I’ve been told I’ve got ‘scruffy lungs’…the consultant was lovely and was very laid back and didn’t seem too worried about me…I’m seeing him again in December for a check up so see what happens then.
Try not to worry though I know this is impossible, your anxiety levels are probably through the roof. You need to know what’s wrong…if anything…it’s the not knowing that is sometimes the worst.
Before your next appointment could you phone the doctor’s secretary/pa and explain that your notes are never to hand and ask that they make sure they are.

Hi All
I Know its been a while since I posted. I got my results.
Lungs scan will be done again in January to check the growth of Nodules.
Shoulder pain is due to the fact that there is a unsual tear in muscles and tendons and socket, I will need physio therapy and I have an appointment for bone density test in Jan.
The soft tissue massive inside my armpit is not showing up in mri so they assume its harmless.
Too many things on my minds. Lungs are really a big worry as I am just praying it come out clear.
I need lots of prayers, thank you x

Thinking of you blueboo and hoping and praying everything works out well for you.
Big hugs
Lozza x

Hello Bluetooth. I had a CT scan when I was diagnosed back in January this year. The scan showed multiple nodules on my lungs at that time. They told me that they couldn’t tell what they were and were too small to biopsy. However they explained that lots of people have these nodules that have nothing to do with cancer. They could have been there for years but as they don’t have a baseline scan for you they can’t be sure. I had to have three monthly scans throughout out treatment and after to monitor whether there were any changes to the nodules i.e if they shrunk this could have meant they had responded to treatment which would have indicated spread. However after three scans there have been no changes. They are now saying that these nodules are very likely to be benign and nothing to be concerned about and I’m to have another scan in february. It’s difficult not to worry but I have somehow managed to put it to the back of my mind between scans and just concentrated on getting through treatment. Hopefully they will be satisfied with my next scan and they will discharge me. Hope this helps to reassure you.

Ps iPad changed your name to Bluetooth! Sorry Blueboo…

Hello Blueboo,
It is so hard when we get aches and pains everywhere after we have had treatment. I too had a Bone Scan and Density test and I also went to the GP feeling that I had Ovarian Cancer as I felt so bloated with the Tamoxifen. Again I was sent for an ultrasound and MRI but all was well for me. I think I just became paranoid but it is hard not too. So it is best that you get everything checked. I had to have physio on my shoulder as 2 bones were rubbing together and causing me immense pain. I am sure you will get relief with the physio. Sending you love and hugs for good results. Stay strong. Love Tracy xxx

Hi Bluetooth is fine with me. Since yesterday I have severe pain in my left breast, the skin feels stretched and sore. I am taking paracetamol, however, I know its not the answer. I am trying not to panic and its very very hard not too.

Thanks for your messages.

Hi Blueboo
Forgive me if I’m teaching my grandmother to suck eggs (figuratively speaking that is). But I was wondering if you use an emollient cream like E45 on your sore breast. I use it in my armpit and alongside my scar to relieve soreness. Sorry if this is old news for you, but sometimes we can get bogged down with all the new problems we develop along the way, that we forget the basics. Gentle hugs to you. pg xxx

Its been a week now my left breast implant is trying to choke out of my chest. The skin is hot and tight. Its extremely hard and very tight. I am using bio oil every day, its not working. My left armpit feels like its on fire.

The situation got compounded when I got v high fever 40c, its been 3 days I am trying to rest and get better.
What I dont understand is after care, I have to go through my gp who doesnt work on weekend and I am stuck with going to hospital.
Its been almost a year since my surgery and radiotherapy and I believed the pain will get better, it doesnt.

so sorry blueboo
I’m still new at this thing and I didn’t have a reconstruction so don’t know what that feels like. If you had a high temperature, could you have had an infection somewhere in breast or under arm. They shouldn’t leave you to suffer like this I wish I could help in some way. Can only send you love and hugs
pg xxx

I am back in the house now, Since 27 Dec I had really high fever, went to GP who gave me Penicilin. I had to go to the hospital on 2 Jan as my fever wasnt going down. I spent 6 days in hospital and they think it was Typhiod ???
They have nothing in blood or any of the test results but they insist I have typhoid. They have no proof and my symptoms were high fever and shivers.
I now also have Systolic heart murmur ??? which was never there before.
I have to wait for my surgeons appointment to get results of my CT scan and bone density scan. I just feel like I am falling apart. I am dying piece by piece and there is nothing I can do.
Everything is so stressfull

Hi Blueboo you do sound as if you are going through the mill with one thing after another and I can imagine how stressed you are about it. I am no medic so can’t comment on your typhoid fever but I think it is more common than we would think and is treated by anti biotics quite successfully. Again a systolic heart murmur is quite common and my friend has one which just means she has to be kept an eye on and she has regular tests to make sure that her heart is fine (it is). All this on top of your BC diagnosis must seem enourmous to you and no wonder you are feeling like you do. With regard to nodules on lung as people have said these again are common and often benign but you have had your scan so now you must just wait for the results which is probably the worst time. Hopefully the results will be fine. Again a bone density scan is ‘normal’ in that if you are on any hormone tablets they like to check your bone density to make sure the medication is not having an adverse effect - if it is then there are other tablets that you can take to strengthen your bones. I know it probably feels you are ‘falling apart’ and worrying about it all will make it worse. Can you speak to your BCN or GP and get some sort of councelling to help you through this very difficult period - they will give you coping strategies for it all if it is getting too much. The helpline here is also very very good and you can speak to the nurse either by phone or by email and they can advise better on the medical aspects on it all. Hope this helps take care xxx

Hi, I dont know how to post a new topic on this forum. So here goes
I had the implant replacement in feb 2013. I went through a lot of trauma and stress. In the first week of June 2013 the skin on original cancer site started going black around scar. I notice a small disccharge so I went to my GP, got some antibiotics for a week. It did not help and GP refered me to the breast surgeon.
I manage to take an appointment and saw him on friday and he immeidately admitted me to the hospital ( long story) They gave me Agmentun and Agentamisn intravenousy. The hole started leaking lots of fluid and I mean a lot.
I saw the doctor again on monday and had a scan. I had the operation done to remove the implant completely. I am now without an implant on my left side.
My questions are:
What happened??? as I had fresh implant in feb 13 and its been four months.
How did I get an infection when I was very careful.
As left side was treated with radiotherapy, will this happen again. Is the skin viable for another implant.
How long do I wait to get the implant back in. Surgeon said 5/6 weeks but I am not sure.
I have had three operation by now. Isnt the breast cancer nurse suppose to come and have a chat with you??? I am only asking this as I saw a nurse talkign to a patient wh o has mastectomy. No one has spoken to me.
Surgeon asked me to talk to the brest nurse so that I can get measured. Ward nurses couldnt fine them and when I went looking, they were a bit offish ??? normal ???
Surely the fact that someone is without an implant and might need guidance.