softees, cuddlees or whatever!

…reading the posts on the forums, I know this is a minor query. At Christmas and New Years Eve, I raised glasses to BCC forum members.

I had Mx 1st Oct and wound at last is now nearly healed. I thought that one came out of hpl with a softee/cuddlee - no, but, no complaints, I couldn;t have used it but now that I can see beyond wound dressings how do I get one? Have to say that the breast care nurses at the london teaching hpl were not v impressive in terms of support(yes, I know their workload). Can I get one posted to me - my pre surgery bra size or can the Maggies Centre deal with this? B

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Hiya, I can’t believe they didnt give you a softie before you left hospital - they were lovely with me, and had two different styles - AND they gave me two softies to bring home with me, so I was really lucky. I’d contact your hospital if I was you, and ask for one - but if not, Amoena definitely do them, and so do some of the other specialist bra companies. They’re not very expensive either.

Just as an extra bit of information - if/when you want to start to go swimming,it isn’t absolutely necessary to buy a special swimming prostheses. You could either use yr softie inside the post surgery swimwear (but they do hold a lot of water, so you’d need to surreptitiously give it a squeeze as you get out of the water!). However, even better is an idea from that someone reminded us about on here a while since, and that’s to use one of the netted “shower puffs” that you can buy to wash yourself with instead of a sponge. My remaining breast is only 34B so I have to buy the really small size netted wash puff, but if you buy the normal size one, you can just trim it down to size.

Good luck with getting the softie - n while you’re contacting the hospital about it, ask about obtaining a prostheses from them when you’re ready to use one.

As for the Maggies Centre, Ive not had any experience of using them, as we don’t have one where I live.

Take care, and happy new year!

That’s rubbish for you, not being given a softee - yet another example of much bc care varies regionally. I was given my fluffy beanbag before I left hospital, but have to confess to only ever wearing it once - as it migrates upwards to say hello! I had my prosthesis fitting at the hospital with my bcn on Dec 21st - just under 6 weeks post mastectomy, and they ARE available on NHS, so you are surely entitled to one?

Your bcns may have a big work load, but this is part of their remit, so you would not be out of line to phone and enquire when you are going to have your prosthesis fitting? And the prosthesis is heavier than the softie/cumfee so doesn’t migrate so much, even if it is exceptionally unattractive!

It is also very soft, and you should be perfectly able to wear it by now if your wound has healed well. Good luck

Sophie xx

Hi, I too got my comfie on the ward before being discharged from hospital. However, I managed to get a spare from my breast care nurse at my local hospital. Also, if you don’t want to wear a bra with them the stretchy vest tops from M&S work a treat.
I too had a mastectomy in October ,followed by a 2nd operation to remove my remaining lymth nodes in November. Still haven’t had my prothesis fit, due to infection & swelling. My first chemo session of 6 is this Friday, feeling a bit apprehensive…

DeeTees - good luck for Friday. I’ve got my second dose then. You’ll be fine - in all honesty, the anticipation of chemo is much worse - none of it is fun, but it is do-able. Day eight after chemo I was feeling much, much better, and now I feel absolutely fine. Except I don’t want second lot, lol, but then we’d just be strange if we actually looked forward to it…

I got a couple of M&S vest tops too, the ones with built in soft cups, and they are excellent. Even though I have my proper prosthesis, I really can’t be bothered with it day to day - though come the summer it might well be more valuable.

Sophie xx

…thank you all for yr helpful posts. I’m about to kick ass re a prosthesis appt with the London teaching hpl where I had my op. After shuffling between GP surgery and w’end walk-in centre for daily dressings for 6wks, BC nurses not responding to queries; I thought - 'NUFF and decamped to Suffolk. Post code lottery NHS or wot? District nurses came out for 2 w’ends, I didn’t have to wait for ages after my appt time and I was able to self-refer for physio.

Any bright ideas re increasing energy and stamina?


Hi there - it sounds like you didn’t quite get what you should have done in hosp, but hopefully you’ll be receiving a softie soon - much lighter than the prosthesis you will eventually be fitted with. I’ve stuck with my softies over the year since my double Mx in Feb. My prostheses get very few outings & stay languishing in the bottom of the cupboard. On the subject of ‘shower puffs’ to use while swimming, I’ve found them to be great but they do cause a funny effect when you slide slowly into the water (!) - they produce a mass of little bubbles around you(!!) which if anyone happens to be looking is a abit wierd. The first time I went swimming with them was in the sea and I didn’t notice a thing what with all the waves etc, but its a bit different in the swimming pool. If you look on the site there are various patterns for making your own breast form.
Hope you find what is comfortable for you soon.