Solihull hospital Birmingham

I know some people have said they felt unsupported so I need to share my experience in case anyone is going to solihull. They were fabulous and allowed partners or friends to stay on the ward with you until you went to surgery there were 4 ladies on the ward all with bc. We all had afternoon surgery and were all kept in overnight though there was no talking after surgery we all just slept however the next morning we could all share our experience and it was s big help doctor came about 10 am and we were all discharged. As we left we all hugged each other and wished each other well and although we are unlikely to see each other again the support was invaluable xx

What a lovely story.

There were 3 of us when I had mine, and we chatted beforehand.  There was a different lady in recovery, as well as others who’d had different surgery, but I hadn’t met her.  I would really have liked to catch up with the first two.