Some info please?

Hi, I’m new here. I have been reading some of the posts and I am sure some one will be able to help me fill the gaps.

I found a lump in my left breast (this is the 3rd lump over a period of 2.5 years - previous lumps been cysts, drained, and on my way). I went to my doctors and was referred to a breast clinic which I went to on Monday 23rd. Doctors tried to drain cyst, but couldn’t get any fluid, he then tried again with larger needle.

I was told to go on the Wed 25th, to have a mammogramm and Ultrasound which I did. Saw the doctor with the accompanying results. He said my lump was actually a group of 3 cysts, and that the slides that he took from Monday had come back showing some abnormal cells, so he would now have to do a biopsy. He demonstrated the loudness of the click, so that I wouldn’t jump. Had local, didn’t feel a thing. I have to go back on the 8th August, to get result of biopsy. He did say that whatever the outcome of biopsy, he would like to remove the lump.

Can anyone tell me what the procedure for this is? How long are you in hospital, is it day surgery. How does it feel?. I do apologise If I have been rambling on. To be truthful, the possibility that I could have breast cancer has only just dawned on me. Having just had cysts that needed draining before, I was expecting it to be that again.
thanks for listening,
rosegarden x

I had a similar thing. I had a core biopsy and the results were inconclusive so they wanted to take the lump out for more tests. I then went in to hospital a couple of days later for an excisional biopsy. This involved a general anaesthetic, then they made a vertical incision about 3 inches long just to the right of my nipple and put in dissolvable stitches. I stayed in hospital overnight as i was really groggy from the anaesthetic. That was about 2 weks ago and although I wouldn’t go jogging, I have had very little discomfort after the first couple of days. The scab is nearly off. To be honest, the core biopsy caused more bruising. The lump was sent to the lab and it was bad news for me. I now need a wide local incision and more tissue taken including a couple of lymph nodes, but I am pretty positive and they were really good in the hospital. Hope this helps, rosegarden.

Love Ruith

Hi Ruith,

Thank you for your answer, so quickly too! I am sorry your news wasn’t so good. But glad that you are positive. I hope that when I get my results, I can be half as brave and positive as all the people on this fantastic forum.

Hi Rosegarden, your situation sounds fairly similar to mine. My First lump was a fibroadenoma, non cancerous, and that was removed after the core biopsy.

My incision was just above my right nipple and about 2 inches long at the most. As Ruith says, the core biopsy causes more bruising than the op itself. Its really nothing to worry about.

I have found another lump and been to GP today who is refering me back to the hospital so will have to go through all this again!

I hope its good news for you, I’m not going to say “try not to worry” as I know thats impossible. I’m just trying to take some comfort from the fact that my last lump wasn’t cancerous, and its probably going to be the same this time too (I hope)


thanks Heidi, I have my fingers crossed.
jo x