Some things that helped me.

I just thought I’d share with you some things I found helpful so here is what is in my BC kit (besides the prescribed drugs!)
Cloth swimming hat:- when I started losing my hair my kids sheered it for me. I believe it was a No1 cut! My head was like Velcro and it was uncomfortable to sleep as every time I moved my head the pillow moved with me! It was also covered in tiny hairs. So the swimming hat solved the problem and also kept my head warm.
Strepsils Plus:- These both anaesthetic and antibacterial and I think they helped stave off mouth ulcers. (run it passed your doctor before taking)
Long scarves:- I have lost of pretty neck scarves because the neck can feel quite cold without the hair! I had long hair so feel the cold on the back of my neck.
Makeup:- My face tends look flushed so I got that green concealer and I also a strong color lipstick to take emphasis off my eyes with their thinning lashes and brows. Eyebrow pencil. Self tanning for face and head. (Do not use new products without doing a skin test. I think you may react more to some products when on chemo.)
Wool hat:- Keep the head warm watching TV.
Tapestry/Crochet:- I have already finished two tapestries while on chemo and waiting … there is a lot of waiting!Crochet is for when I have to work with one arm. Great site at Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas!
Aug 3rd I have my mastectomy. On Wed I am having girl-friends over for a “Good-bye to the Boob” night. I feel I have to acknowledge this momentous event in this way.
My wish to you all: May all your side-effects be slight.

Wishing you well for the 3rd August. Your positivity and humour will pull you through

Kat x

Good luck with your operation. Hope you and the girls enjoy yourselves on Wednesday also.

Love Anthi x

I too am having a ‘Leaving Party’ for my boobs… when I get back from my honeymoon I plan to have an evening in my local, drinking and celebrating their life… LOL

Good luck for Aug 3rd hun