someone want to be a waiting buddy?

Hey all, new to site and been reading everyones posts finding comfort in them , i am 37 and i am currently waiting for my breast clinic appoinyment on 2/12, found my lump by accident, was normally good at checking but since having toddler your own needs go out window , i had a tenderness in left breast on top of breast towards shoulder blade and to side of breast where your bra wire would end, I thought it was strange. Decide to check and found my lump , left it few weeks as was before period to see if it was related. saw docter last friday , he found another lump on other breast, just said might be lumpy breasts and low risk of being suspicious … im hoping so! but i do know they not experts and get it wrong! also right nipple i noticed has a indent in it Smiley Sad
trying not to stress but of course hard not to

Hi, waiting is excruciating isn’t it.  Advice from this site has been that this is the worst part and I can relate to that. I’m having massive swings from being really positive with boxing gloves on to fight it to then thinking the absolute worst.  I’m sure you’re experiencing the same.  The worst is the lack of sleep last night.  My friend recommended a visit to the gp but I’m trying prosseco first! I’m here if you want to talk. Xx

Loving the prosseco idea! might need to swing past store tomorrow!
its horrible want to speed time up !! thankfully my sleep is not affected at min its during day when im alone (i work from home) i just want to stay in bed and google everything lol
when is your appointment?

Hi I too am playing the waiting game.  Appointment on 28th, it’s been three weeks since was told calcification on mammo DCIS on this breast 11 years ago so not expecting good news.


I sleep ok but have tablets from gp I think without sleep it would be harder to cope.  Have withdrawn into myself I don’t know how else to do this.  How are you all coping?

oh Julie sorry to hear! fingers crossed for you that it is not bad news, i understand the withdrawing in, its so hard keeping head straight when it feels like you have a ticking timebomb on your chest!

i have spent day in bed , just really no motivation to do anything :frowning: i might need to speak to docter as i am already on antidepressants/anxiety pills as i have had one thing after another this year and now this is another thing on the list , my poor nerves cant take it

Jojo have you tried natural sleeping aids, like rescue night drops etc they help me with struggling with sleep!

Hi. I’m waiting (again!) too. This time last year I had a screening recall. Magnified mammogram showed clusters of suspicious microcalcifications and a lump. Also had ultrasound. Had mammogram guided vacuum assisted biopsy for microcalcifications and core needle ultrasound biopsies on the lump 2 weeks later. 13 samples in all. Results were benign and lump was a fibroadenoma however the consultant said my type of microcalcifications could multiple and change characteristics and needed monitoring which brings me to Nov 2016!

Had magnified mammogram last week. The microcalcifications have noticeably multiplied and changed characteristics and are graded suspicious - moderate to high risk of malignancy. The radiologist is recommending a surgical biopsy with wire localisation. And I’ve just received an appointment with the consultant for next week. So I guess I will find out more then what they want to do.

I have found the waiting the worst part and it’s comforting to have others to talk to! I have found reading the info on this site, booklets etc quite informative.
Best wishes

wow poppy that is alot of biopsys does it hurt? hoping as well for you it comes back nothing serious,
i been lurking in the pages since found bump, but fiancé is trying to be supportive but think im doing his head in! he doesnt get why i google everything and read, he says i scare myself, but to me i would rather know everything and be prepared then go in thinking nothing can go wrong and having my bubble burst!
so to spare him came here , wish they had quicker turn arounda on appoinments and results etc, surely they know it’s stressful enough to try and ease the ladies worries ,
keep loosing my patience with my son :frowning: hate it but when i am stressed i just cant handle a toddler :frowning: but hoping to try chill and have some fun weekend , gonna try!

Hi. The biopsies last year didn’t hurt that much but the mammogram guided one was a bit traumatic! I was clamped in the machine for over an hour cos they first had problems getting my boob in the right position to see the microcalcifications on the screen and it takes a while to get the biopsies from a every area needed. Plus I have other conditions that cause pins and needles /burning/ numbness etc and the position I was lying in was painful from that point of view which I think actually made me take my mind off what they were doing to me!!!

I’ve received an appointment with the breast consultant for Wed 30th, so will find out more about this surgical biopsy then. They seem to be moving quite quick. I’m hoping surgery and results before Xmas… But maybe wishful thinking.

Coping with a toddler is challenging at the best of times but when your mind is occupied on something like this I can understand that patience can be very short. Don’t Google too much, stick to reputable sites like this one, macmillan etc.

Can I ask, what treatment did you have for your dcis all those years ago? Have things changed since do you think?

Best wishes. Xx



it was 11 years ago, DCIS grade 0. Cells taken out with that dreaded guide wire and four weeks radiotherapy. The only thing that has changed is the digital equipment and I gather the radiotherapy machines can target more to the area needed. Now have two microcalcifications in exactly the same spot.  Sometimes I’m upset and angry other times I think at least I’ve had 11 years with my boob!!


How are your mood swings?

I’m having the wire thing too. Is it tough for them to get it in the right place? I’ve already got a marker left in from last years biopsies but the radiologist says its not sufficient now as they have multiplied so much and I need the wire localisation.

Did you have a general anesthetic? I’m not really sure what to expect. I’ve got a few clusters of micro calcifications the biggest is 3cm. They are graded suspicious, moderate to high risk malignancy. I’m hoping they will remove the Fibroadenoma too. I guess I will be able to discuss options on Wed.

I’m quite chilled cutrently but do get nervous when I start thinking about it. I think trying to keep busy is good. I think I was more in a state about it last year than this time round. My mother in law died at the same time it was all going on and I’d just been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease too. So it was a stressful time, and then I had to wait a month over Xmas for the biopsy results which did my head in!!!

So, you app is on Mon? And mine Wed… 9am…




They spray a substance on your boob, local I guess before they touch you so you don’t feel anything, it’s just as it was before you know clamped in that machine but you know what to expect.  We have no option but to go with it do we.  Try and do simple pleasures over the weekend, short trips out etc.


If it’s not good news they will put us on another road of worry and anxiety so guess we better take care of ourselves.  I can’t allow myself to think it maybe ok as can’t cope with that crushed feeling.




When they removed the dcis was that a general anesthetic? Can you remember?

Yes, I think prepare silently for the worst and anything else is a bonus. I hope you can relax abit over the weekend and take your mind off it. Are you sleeping OK?


Do you mean you had the wire put in and the dcis taken out at the same time whilst in the mammogram machine? Or was the wire put in with local anesthetic and then surgery afterwards with either local or general anesthetic??

OK. I don’t blame you being at the end of your tether. I have felt like that alot this year, 3 further chronic conditions diagnosed during 2016 and investigations still ongoing for a secondary auto immune disease and now this.

But at the moment my head is in an OK place and I too get help with sleep from the gp, so that’s something!!

So next week are you having biopsies done or getting the results of biopsies you’ve already had? X

Well, I really hope it’s not. I’ll be thinking about you. Best wishes. Let us know how you get on. Xxx

sorry ladies been a manic day! just caught up reading all the posts

wow is all i have to say you ladies have gone through so much and praying its good outcomes for you! all the biopsy sound awful :frowning: cant imagine the mamo one , my boobs wince in sympathy!
keep strong!

i have something to keep my mind off this even tho mine appointment is still the initial one but making my son a nativity costume for next friday he is an angel! haha which is further from the truth lol fallen one maybe lol bless him!

glad you have pills to help sleep never easy taking pills but they are needed in times of stress, and just makes one less thing you need to worry about, today i managed to actually work the two days vegging in bed did wonders actually!

did you guys ever obcess about lump i check it like multiple times a day , im not sure why i think i am hoping its vanished and its alllll been a big misunderstanding lol

and yes please let us know! will be keeping everything crossed for you on monday! xx

Have fun making the costume and at least it will take your mind off things!! I made a kings costume many years ago for my younger son who’s 15 now. It was a challenge with no sewing machine!! I’m glad those days are past!

Microcalcifications can’t be felt as a lump can and my actual lump ( fibroadenoma) is very deep and I can’t feel it at all but all they seem to be concerned about is the microcalcifications anyway. All my things were picked up on a screening mammogram. So I don’t have them to obsess over!

I’m fortunate that I’m already taking meds at night time for another condition that knock me out so sleep so far is not an issue.

Anyway, I’m an hour ahead of you guys and in bed now. So sleep tight and best wishes for Julie Monday morning.


How are the waiting buddies doing? I’m abit nervous intermittently. Xx

morning! i have been hit by the not sleeping bug :frowning: doesnt help i have a rubbish head cold that has come on! but doing ok, been shopping up storms with my mom and went out last night to bingo with my friends lol didnt win !
now today its all about the costume! my boob is a bit achey which keeps making my mind wonder (arghhh)

how are you doing?