someone want to be a waiting buddy?

Was wide awake at 6am this morning. Got up in the end, stormy weather so haven’t been out with the dog yet but hope to later with a friend.

I am just worried now… It’s a year on from what happened last Nov and I’m just wondering what’s going to happen next I guess. I really want them (I think) to remove the whole of the microcalcifications clusters and fibroadenoma aswell and biopsy the whole lot. If it’s all benign and out of me them maybe I won’t have to go through this for a 3rd time next year…

I’ve been thinking that if they just take a larger sample through this surgical biopsy than they got last year with vacuum assisted and its benign and watch and wait again that the calcifications will just continue to multiply and change again like they have the past 12 months, then I’ll have to go through all this again…

I know I’m getting a head of myself and I’m sure that all the options will be discussed on Wed with me and ofcourse I don’t have all the info yet…
Would love to hear from anyone who’s had suspicious graded microcalcifications from one year to another that biopsied benign initially but then multiplied and changed within a year and how they were subsequently dealt with…

Hope you get on with the costume OK.
Best wishes.

Hi Julie

Just wanted to wish you luck for appointment today! will be thinking of you!

how did you sleep last night? hope it was better,
i hear what you saying, i think i would be the same opinion as you , let us know how you get on,


Best wishes today Julie.
Thinking of you. Xx

Thank you so much, took sleeping tablets, still a bit dopey.

Hello ladies,  calcification not malignant, mammo in a year.  What a relief I was stunned as was convinced.


ill think of you both on your respective dates, please check in. You have all been such a comfort.xx

Oh julie that is wonderful news! so pleased! xx
hopefully your sleeping will get back to normal now!

hoping our appointments are just as great!

Hi. That’s fabulous!! ? ? I’m really happy for you. So you are now where I was this time last year. I really hope next year you have no changes and don’t have to come back here!! And I hope I’m not here next November either!!!

Can you believe that today I received another appointment with the breast consultant for 23rd Dec! So I rang the hospital to double check everything. They said I still need to go on Wed and the 23rd Dec is the follow up to Wednesdays appointment. So I’m assuming that Wed I will be told when the surgical biopsy is and I’m hoping the results will be on 23rd Dec. Obviously I’ll ask the consultant on Wed morning. If that is the case I will be happy to get it out the way by Xmas.

Julie, I bet you are relieved and I really hope all is well on the repeat mammogram next year.

How’s the costume going Mosnippy?

I’ll check in on Wednesday.

Poppy, atleast they organised it seems , and hopefully all over and done with so you can have a stress free christmas !

costume going well worked on it till 12 last night!!! lol but son gave approval today when doing fitting so that is good!! lol now i can finish it!

good luck for wednesday! fingers crossed all goes well please do let us know how it go

Thank you both so much.  I’m really tired now.


About the appointment, I received mine like that too.  The surgeon will tell you on 23rd.


praying for you both.xx

Thank you, I will. My app is early morning.

Best wishes jojo.


all the best poppy will be thinking of you! xx

Thank you!!
It went OK this morning.

They want to do surgery under general anesthetic with wire localisation to remove the whole area of concern for biopsy. I’ve agreed to this. Had blood tests and an ECG after seeing the consultant and they decided I didn’t need the chest xray as I’m a non smoker. Next stage is pre op with the anesthetist which will be a week before surgery. They don’t know if it will happen before or after Xmas… They will phone me… So, back waiting…!!!

Anyway, progress I guess… But I’m a bit unsure about the general anesthetic bit… but maybe in the long run better as they maybe able to spend longer making sure they have it all… (I’m guessing.)


A bit further along the road, best to let them get it all even if it’s benign it will put your mind at rest once and for all.


Best wishes keep us informed, I’m still thinking of all my waiting buddies.


love julie

Hi Julie.
Yes I’m happy they are going to remove it all.
I’ll check in with updates…

Thanks for your support.

Morning ladies,

Poppy atleast it is progress and yeah best get it all out now, just hope for your sake its not to long a wait for it! waiting is pants!

One more day till my appointment getting more nervous closer it is, i know something is up with boobs as just so tender around them in both! hoping its some weird hormanal thing going on! as wouldnt be in both?

have a good day ladies! i am freezing here in uk!

I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow, of course I’m no doctor but rationally if they both hurt think I’d be positive.

please check in when you’re home.  I’m still thinking of you all.  This forum was really helpful.  X

Your waiting is nearly over. I was most anxious the night before and the morning of…

I agree, hopefully if both boobs are bothering you with lumps then it’s perhaps more positive but again, I’m no doctor. But you are going to be checked out and that is good! Do you know if it’s a one stop shop type clinic/ what to expect tmw?

Best wishes

hey ladies

dreading tomorrow but glad its finally here, its a one stop shop so all be done tomorrow depending on whats needed, appointment at 10:10

just checked my boobs again tonight (its a thing now lol) my nipple with the strange dent is all red now even looks like a blood blister forming :frowning: shocked me a little but hopefully all be explained tomorrow

will check in when done , sleep tight xx

Hey ladies

Great news all clear nothing to stress about, seems i have a lobular that is sitting close to surface that is all it was , had ultrasound on both breasts so pleased ! so stressed for nothing!

thank you for being my buddies! inwoild have cracked otherwise if it wasnt for this site


That’s fabulous. So pleased all OK.
Now you can relax. Phew!!

How’s the costume? All done? Sorry, I can’t remember. Xx