someone want to be a waiting buddy?

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funny how you don’t realise how stressed all of this is till they say all good and your whole body just relaxed! lol

Hi all. I am new here. I found a painful lump last Saturday and it has since began to reduce in size. Saw the gp on Monday and referred to the breast clinic and had an appointment yesterday. The mammogram showed microcalcification so I had 3 biopsies taken under ultrasound guidence. I am now waiting for the results and to say I am scared is an understatement. I was told by both the consultant and the consultant radiographer that is will probably be OK but they need to be sure hence the biopsies. Everything I have read though points towards DCIS. I am glad I have found this forum

Hi. Welcome to the "waiting buddies. " I can relate to you as I also have suspicious microcalcifications. The waiting is awful but be careful about googling as there is a lot of out of date mis information. This site and macmillan are good. This site has a publication about microcalcifications.
It’s good that they are following it up so rapidly. Do you know when you get your biopsy results? I waited 4 weeks over Xmas last year and it was extremely difficult.

I had clusters of suspicious microcalcifications and a lump found on a routine screening mammogram around this time last year. Following magnified mammogram, ultrasound and subsequent vacuum assisted biopsy (10 samples) guided by mammogram (marker left in place) on the microcalcifications and core needle biopsy (3 samples) guided by ultrasound on the lump the results came back as a fibroadenoma, Adenosis and microcalcifications all benign however I was told that the type of microcalcifications I have could multiply and change characteristics so I needed a follow up in a year’s time. I just had the repeat mammogram on 16th Nov and have been told that the microcalcifications have noticeably multiplied in their groups and changed characteristics - Heterogeneous . largest area is 3cm. Graded as suspicious moderate to high risk of malignancy. I have very dense breasts which adds to the risk as some things may not be seen on mammograms and my mum had breast cancer at age 45. Im 51.
Another vacuum assisted is insufficient now apparently and I am waiting for surgery to have it all removed under general anesthetic for biopsy.

I am concerned too but just try and keep thinking that if it is something then it has been found early.

Best wishes for your results and let us know.

I was told I would be seen in the next 2 weeks. I have done a lot of googling in the past few days (more so since the appointment yesterday ) - I have read some useful information and some that scares me. I just need to keep busy. Thanks for your reply x

Thank you Ladybowler. I am staying (mostly) positive and feel it’s only a good thing that there has been only a year since my last tests. Shame it keeps coming around at Xmas!!

This forum I think is particularly supportive and I also think that it’s important that the members who get good news from results should update everyone so new members can see that alot of women are actually given the all clear.

I’m still waiting for my surgery date… I just hate the waiting!!!

Thanks for your support.


Hi all. Just had a call back letter. I go back in Thursday. I’m not surprised because I peeked at the radiography photo and there was quite a lot of white st the front of the breast. I googled that and see it can be normal so am really down about the call back. I’m worried now. 4 years since my last exam, for some reason I thought it was every 5. Nice to see you all here. I’m going to be here quite a bit as I don’t want my family to worry.

Hi and welcome east14. Sorry you are here waiting, but we can all keep each other company. Some have had good news so far on this thread and others "waiting… "

I’m hoping my surgery will be this side of Xmas to get it out of the way but I’m beginning to think it won’t be. It’s on my mind ofcourse but then after surgery I’ll be waiting for the results… Waiting, waiting, waiting. I hate it!!

Best wishes for Thursday and keep us posted on how you are doing .

Thanks Poppyfields. I am thinking of you too. I have been under general several times and at the end of the day it’s easier and quicker for you. Also they often give you a nice relaxant before which really helps. Will someone go with you?

Hi. I’ve had a general 3 times before but the last time was in 1997 (!) and to tell you the truth it’s the thing I’m most nervous about! I haven’t been that well the past few years with auto immune conditions but I guess the anesthesetist will talk to me about my health etc at the pre op?? I’ve already had bloods and an ECG done. However, I would prefer it this way than having another vacuum assisted biopsy which took over an hour last year.

My husband should be able to come with me depending on his work commitments if not I’m sure a friend will be able to come.

How are you feeling?

I’ve not found any good info in google about the white in my mammogram, and used his helpline which was very useful. I did scare myself silly but the upshot was you do see that every case is unique to the women. I’m resisting now!

Poppyfields the general is scary to think about because you lose control but in my experience they are extremely informative and they go in steps. I used to worry I’d say it do something but I told someone about it once and they said you don’t and they are working anyway. I’m sorry to hear about your autoimmune challenges, it must seem like ine thing after another for you.

I am depressed but I am prone to this, lots of shocks in my life make me prone to it when I get any sort of news that isn’t normal. I know the way to manage is talk to others and ask for help. I find this hard too.

Today I am doing regular things which is the only thing that can help! And hanging out here! ?

We are all here for you. Feel free to pm me if you want. I find talking helps me too but have found through experience over the past few yearsthat few are truly interested or understand and the ones you least expect to are actually the ones that surprise you!

Good forums like this one are fab and it’s good to talk to people who understand what you are going through and feeling.


Thanks for all your advice and support. I now have my appointment for the resultd on the 21st Dec so another long 10 days!!
On the plus side the lump that caused me to see my GP in the first place has all but gone. I am really hoping this is a good thing and that the microcalcification was due to inflammation/infection.

Poppyfields isn’t that interesting about people surprising you? I told two people at work today - one happened to have had a lumpectomy on Friday (all ok) but it was her third so she was very helpful in just asking the right questions. The other was just nice about my fears and didn’t try to talk me off my cliff. I spent the day tracking down old mammograms that I had done thru work. I feel slightly better because the lat one does describe what I saw on the screen. Lots of Density (even though I’m 52 and google says it drops after menopause - proves google is not worth my time). Now it’s Monday I feel as though there is more that I can do to help myself get through to Thursday. How is the waiting going today for you all?

I’m 51 and my latest radiologist report says I have very dense breasts. Radiologists have to grade the density now as part of standard reporting. I’ve read on the charity sites it just means higher risk as some things may not show up on mammograms.

I’m thinking now it’s more likely my surgery will be after Xmas. It’s on my mind and I’d prefer to just get it out the way but then ofcourse you just go back into the waiting queue for results!!!


How was everyone’s waiting day today? I was thinking of you all.

I have good days and bad days. Today unfortunately is a bad one. I am trying so hard to think positively but the thought’s always turn to the worse case senario. I am staying away from Google as that is my worse nightmare!! The lump I originally presented with that prompted me to seek advice has gone but the reminders of last week’s biopsies are still viable and tender. Only one more week to wait. How is everyone else ?
Take care
Ellie x

Hi. I know it’s hard not to think about it isn’t it. And the waiting is very frustrating. I just want answers but know that only the doctors will have them and not Google!!

I got a call from the hospital yesterday informing me that I have an appointment for my pre op with the anaesthetist on 21st Dec. So abit of progress.
I have family starting to arrive for Xmas on Monday and we don’t even have the decorations up yet. Kids are older now and less interested.

What date do you get your results Ellie?

Big hug.

The 21st as well. Good luck at your pre assessment.
My appointment is at 1130. Just obe more week. Now to try and keep busy x