Something happy to read!

Hi there everyone,

i was dx March this year had WLE, ^ FEC which finished two weeks ago and about to start radio end of sept. Although I not out of the woods yet… last night my wonderful partner laid on a suprise party for me. It was such a wonderful evening full of genuine family and friends that care. I could see everyone wanted to show thier love and support for me. i am still feeling on a high of happiness today. it was a wonderful evening that i will remember for the rest of my life. it really shows that if you have love and support from people around you then you can be strong and this will help riding the waves a little easier.
Good Luck to you all out there. there is light at the end of the tunnel


Hi Nadia
what a lovely cheerful post so nice to read. how fabulous your partner organising this party for you.
We should enjoy all the exciting nice things that happen to us on this BC journey.

Well done on finishing your FEC and coming out the other end.

Good Luck and hope life gets back to normal for you.

Well done on getting throught your chemo! I cant wait for that feeling…
I hope my OH organises me a party!

I hope all goes well for the future…

Take Care

your post brought a happy tear to my eye…great that your partner did that and wonderful that you fully enjoyed it.
thanks for telling us about it.

What a lovely partner, and well done you on getting through your chemo. Can’t wait to be at that stage and maybe have a party to celebrate …

Well done and thanks for sharing such a lovely, touching story.


Hi Nadia,

I feel like we have experienced so much of this ‘journey’ together as I remember we were diagnosed at virtually the same time (mine was Mar 19th and I know yours was thereabouts).

Can you believe how far you’ve come already?? Finishing chemo is such a milestone and you must be sooooo pleased. Mine finishes next month (all being well) and I can hardly believe where the time has gone!

What a lovely partner you’ve got. I bet you fell truly blessed. Personally I don’t think I could’ve got through this without the love and support from my wonderful boyfriend and our family and friends. How nice that you had a surprise party in your honour, I would’ve cried if I were you I reckon!!

I wish you well as you prepare to embark on the next stage of your treatment,

Take care and be sure to keep in touch,