Hi all

Just reading the site and came across your thread and just had to say to Kate 67 I too went to Take that on 15th Dec and cried at the Wooden boat song. I hadnt had my mamogram at that point so was just at the worried out of my mind stage. I had warned my friend if he sang it I would cry so as soon as he hit the stage solo she was hugging me. We laughed like crazy afterwards I was in pieces so everyone around us propably thought I was some Mad Saddo Jason fan!!!LOL

Well 6 weeks down the line, a WLE 1.8cm grade 2 ductal invasive tumour later I cant listen to music at all at the minute. Hope I want to soon. I miss it but all types of music make me sad at the minute.

Well love and luck to all just had to share. Shonagh xx

Thanks Cecelia

I have been humming and singing the song to friends in a quest to identify “Stronger”. Now I can download it!

Sandie x

Great Sandie, it’s such a good song for all of us right now!

Cecelia. x

Hi all

I’ve just been to radiotherapy today and they had ‘Cryin’ on by Roy Orbison. All I could do is laugh as I was thinking of the bit in Only Fools and Horses when Del Boy booked a singer to sing it but he couldn’t pronounce his r’s.


hya girlies, just been reading your threads(is that the word for them), well before i was diagnosed in july 07,still on chemo till june ,well i was a caberet artise so my job was to sing and entertain people( if i am honest i did a lot of smoky pubs & clubs makes me wonder if i got this bc from passive smoking, i dont smoke or drink, makes me think,) any way i sung music across the board from early 50s & 60s to date with country/western and easy listening, i havnt sung since i was diagnosed as my onc said i would be in contact with too many people and would be tired, and if im honest i have no inclination to do it now although i hope it comes back because it was my stress release as no one could tell me what to do , i was in control i suppose, but i was going to tell you, my freind down the road never cries, but when she heard my cd she couldnt stop, she said she was crying for me as it just wasnt fair, but i gave it to other people who asked me for it and guess what they cryed too, so i thought oh dear it must be too sad, but their reply was no the songs were deep and because they no me it reminded them of what i am going through, i would like to send you all one but i dont want to make you sad and besides i dont no how to send them, if any of you want one let me know and i will send you one if you tell me how, my best upbeat music to listen to is bronskibeat, jimmy sumervill it is so uplifting, try it,and ive never been into dance(Rave) music as my daaughter is but now i really like the stuff aint it strange,

lv n hugs always.


Hi Ladies

Has anybody listened to Gwen Steffani 4 in the Morning - powerful stuff



Hi Shonagh,

I’m glad I’m not the only Thatter that cried at Wooden Boat!
Every day of my radiotherapy I would play it and have a little cry but didn’t think I would at the concert (I’m a Howard fan BTW)
The words are so meaningful and I interpretted it as go with the flow, we don’t know how long things will last for but get out there and ‘be the first on the dance floor’ i.e. make the first move, new experiences etc.
I’m being a bit deep but it meant a lot to me at the time.

You will listen to music again soon. Its likely to be stuff that reflects your mood at the time (nothing new there) but you will enjoy music again- just stay away from Wooden Boat for a bit!

Kat x