Soooo confused

Hiya Ladies,

Just spent the best part of all day at the hospital. Saw the cons, up for ultrasound, back down to cons, wants to biopsy a lump I didn’t know I had. The one I can feel I think is glandular tissue.

Cant biospy the lump the ultrasound found because of where it is, too close to my chest wall. Having operation to remove it on the 22nd, leaving a safe distance between ops as I only had my appendix out last week.

Whilst I’m down there, they are going to rmove the benign lump out of my other breast, thought they may as well kill 2 birds with one stone!!

Cons cant say what it is, thinks it might be another fibroadenoma given my history, and obviously doesn’t want to comment til its taken out and sent to pathology. Thinks my other symptoms with that breast are all hormonal and nothing to do with the lump. (leaking and pain, itching etc) thought I think its too much of a coinisidence! Oh dear, I back to thinking all sorts now and dont know what to do with my self!

Sorry to go on, hope eveyones ok

Heidi xx

Hi heidi,
Just reading through your message, my sister in law has been in and out of the cons surgery for the past year now with leaking, itching and pain, she is very aware as i was diagnosed in May 2007, anyway she has had all the tests and there is absolutely nothing to worry about whatsoever thank God, so try not to worry until the 22nd (easy I know for me to say) if you have a history of fibroadenoma then that is most prob what is up. Sometimes when the cons and professionals are evasive it makes everything ten times worse as our minds go into overdrive, i still remember when i went for my diagnosis only certain words stuck in my brain, i really thought things were a hundred times worse than they were, that is natural, we think the worse so that whatever the real diagnosis is has to be better than we thought, therefore we cope better, if you get my drift.

The waiting will be the worse thing for you, I remember the four weeks before i had my surgery i tried to fill up every day so i would not have time to think, i even worked the sunday before the monday i went into hospital. I managed to see people i had not seen for years and had so many meals out i was in optimine health for my op.

Please let us know how you get on, don’t worry about being scared we have all of us been there and after all you are not a professional so you are bound to worry.

I hope and pray that everything with you will be ok but if you do feel a bit down we are all here for you

HI Heidi,

so good to read you have a date for an op. I can understand you feeling confused! There are so many symptoms and they can mean so many different things. Hang in there in these next few weeks… hope you are recovering well from your appendectomy.

Take care and hoping these days will speed by for you and that you get good news.