sore armpit after rads

hi as anyone else had same prob i have cording but due to mx and then rads. i had some physio 2 wks after op and now cant have any cos of rads soreness bc nurse told physio to give arm pit a gd massage which she did today but it hurt my arm pit as is very sore not sure if from rads or cording and also is a bit painfull now i had mx in oct does cording last this long and any other tips other than exercises or massage as physio thinks now i have gd movement i might not be seen anymore even though she said can feal lots of cords than need stretching im hoping to get call mon from bc nurse does anyone know who else i can see or will it just settle on own many thanks laura x

hi i’m having armpit probs too… however i have not had rads.
i’m hoping that what i feel is cording/ scar tissue/ something innocent (a thickening of skin below scar plus at least three enlarged nodes). i had my surgery almost exactly a year ago.

i contacted my BCN and am seeing surgeon early next week. maybe you should ring them rather than wait for them to contact you if you are concerned? i’m sure people who have had rads to armpit will be along to advise you soon. x xx

Hi mine is not enlarged just sore but I do have cording my bc nurse knows I’ve had it since op just wondered how long. Ight be sore for even worse after physio