sore boob (still)


dx aug 09, wle,chemo,rads and tam
boob still sore when touched,knocked,stretched,pulled.

if i do a breast check(though its so lumpy now i dont know what im looking for lol) i have to grit my teeth

anyone else? or do i need to worry
last mammo was march

Hi lincs lady

I am kimda glad you posted this. I was dx May 18th 2010, wle, chemo, rads and now tamoxifen - pretty much the same as you. I have not had any problems with pain in my boob really that is until the last week!! I have pain around the last three ribs under my boob and up the side. It hurts to even wash there. The sensation in my arm and armpit has been variable. somedays nothing, completely numb, tingling, painful to touch, then back to being numb etc… Some days my boob feels very peculiar and the sensation is not pleasant! My husband is often out of bounds on my right side!! bless him :slight_smile:

My mammo back in june came back all clear (phew!) and so far my checks haven’t found anything that shouldn’t be there but this sudden onset of pain is worrying me a little bit. Logic tells me that I have probably just over done it and stretched abit too far!! But there is still this niggling fear in the back of my mind. I think I might give my breast care nurse a ring and see what she says.

Maybe you should give yours a call too just for peace of mind. I hope all is ok for you and your worry really is about nothing. Keep me posted.

Take care

hi. i was dx in june 07 been on tamox and now exsemastane , my boob is is still quite sore like you say, when knocked or checking, has been since the begining, i did mention it, but onc was not concerned and said take paracetamol, seems this can be an ongoing thing but have no idea for how long. but if you are concerned in anyway you must get it checked.


Lincs Lady - I have always had painful boobs - even before BC and now - nearly 5 years after WLE, chemo, rads and now hormone treatment, my affected breast is still painful. It’s certainly not helped by the fact that I have lymphoedema in that breast as well.
My surgeon says it’s ok for the breast to still be painful but that any new pain should be checked out.

Bird - I think if your pain is new then you should get it checked even though - as you say - it’s probably nothing.

Good luck everyone. Anthi x