sore botty mark 2 - the real thing for Kinden

Hi Kinden,
I really hope you are feeling much better now, you sounded it. I would advise you to keep an eye on things right through the next dose too to stop any further recurrence of the problem. It is now a bad memory for me and hope it is the same for you soon too.
Dids19 can you post again so we can help, if I go back I will lose this part. sorry.

I am sticking to toilet talk on here, what a nice smell it has.
Good luck to anyone else who is approaches the loo door anxiously right now.
Lily x x

Hi Lily200 Yes I take movicol As I said normally put 2 sachets in a glass then half fill with water, cos its seems the only way it will work as Ive been on it for many years and in the past have often had to take up to 8 single sachets a day.which leaves me feeling even more bloated, and doesnt start to get things moving till a couple of days later,(hope that makes sense).
Sometimes I dont need to take Movicol and can go naturally,but then I get a flare up and need to take it.

I am in admiration that you have consumed at least half the chemist shelf of Movicol over several years. I am such a wuss, I had one mouthful of the first glass, knew it was going to come straight back up and spat it in the sink!! The box has remained closed since then and trying to donate them to anyone else with a problem. The won’t take them!! I think I remember reading that these sorts of things can stop working so well when you are used to them, which is a shame. Are you safe to take so many in one day?
If you have read my post you will know that I got into severe trouble after dose 4, mainly due to not recovering properly from dose 3 first. I vowed to never get to that state again if at all possible and try to stay more aware of my body in the future. I now take asenokot tablet (provided free from my hospital) before I go to bed if I have not been that day. I only take half a tablet and they are quite small anyway, to keep the moving on pains minor but others might need a whole one. Works for me, bloat and acid are less too but as I changed drugs it is difficult to say which was the chicken and which was the egg. frankly I don’t care as long as i lay that egg !!!
Good luck and the hospitals are really good on this so don’t be shy and suffer.
Lily x

Lily… careful eggs can make you constipated you know :wink: serously… they do.

3 dried figs a day until things are normal is what I’ve bee doing when the fec stops things moving, seems to have worked.

I worry that drugs will send things too far in the opposite direction. mind you I start every day with pineapple which is fibre so that helps too.


You are so kind, thank you for starting this for me. I had no idea that my original thread would end up the way it did.
I’m doing the Movicol thing and using suppositories and ointment, all of which is improving things. It is now with fear but not dread that I sit on the toilet! The pain only happens when I go and shortly after, not constant as it was at the weekend, so feeling much better and stronger to cope with all the other effects of TAX 2.

Girls thanks for all the genuine support, and I’m glad you are finding ways to cope with your own problems too, as well as taking time out to help me.


Hi Kindensurprise, I think your post excellent it touches on a sensitive subject that a lot of us suffer from but shy away from discussing so openly as we have been able to do through your approach on this subject. I for one have picked up some good tips as I am also going through a rough time in this area due to the treatments. Thanks again for all support keep up the good work junieliz

Hi Kinden

can so relate to what you are saying, especially to anal fissure - my GP prscribed instagel for me, you apply the gel whinge comes in a syringe type tube and you apply it before going to the loo and it freezes your botty making going not painful - I thought it was absolutely brilliant and advise you to try it.


Hi girls, Yes I suppose Im use to it now, Atfirst when I took it, I found it to be most watery, but now Its straight down the hatch,Much prefer this to Laxoberal Liquid, Use to have to take 3 capfuls of that, Now Im physically scik and refuse to take it anymore, Yes it does give you a good clear out beleive me, but for the next day afterwards, Im completley drained and the taste of the medicine seemd to linger making me ill.
At the moment Im ok (touch wood) have been for last 5 days, not having to take anthing, But Ive got boxes in my cupboard for when I need them, .Its awful having trouble with my bowels, I aslo have to self catherterise all the time, due to when I had cervical cancer in 1999, the tumor was removed but my bladder keeps retaining urine, basically doctor told me I have a bladder like somebody in a car crash, which doesnt sound nice atall,.Thing with self catheretersing is that prone to water infections and kidney infections ,like I have at the moment, which is really painful on my sides.Must make an appointment with my doctor for some antibiotics.

Oh gosh,
there are some horrible things that happen to ue aren’t they and I am sorry to read about them.
Kinden brilliant just monitor your diet carefully until you geta bit further on. Sounds so much better though.
I feel I should resign from this thread after now moving to the trots instead of constipation, which start some time after 2.30 am each night! I am fed up of waking in the night with a griping pain and being the only person in the street with the light on, I checked! So I am now monitoring what I eat and Angie eggs are def back on the menu then
Take care everyone, we are obviously all in the same boat. A funny thought how we would cope if we were all at the same place and needing the loo for hours each!
Lily x

Lily: egg mayonnaise sarnies… egg with mayo (which is more egg) and soft bread works a treat, especially if you also have omellate for dinner, careful though you can go too far :wink:

about a week after fec I go the other way and it’s ust before the low neuts so here my quick easy lasy recipe:

In a frying pan lightly fry a LOT of mushrooms and half an onion in butter. add 2 beaten eggs and a little cheese and some herbs if you like and can be bothered. grill for a couple of mins to set the top of the ommellatte (no runny eggs on chemo, stick a knife in to be sure)… .scoff

The mushrooms are packed with B vits I think which helps and are also supposedly good for improving neuts. It only take 10 mins to cook and is filling and easy to digest.

Now you know how I got to 14.6 without gcsf injections :wink:

I’ve been watching too much masterchef and ranting at them because their classic french cuisine knowledge is lacking a bit for chefs and found myself thinking what if someone opened a special restaurant for those of us doing chemo …

[start french accent]

can I take you order madamme… would you like something to make your system more fluid or more solid… solid…may I recommend the eggs benedict in that case?

Hmm maybe too much for most people?


Hi All

I dont know if this will help anybody but my gran had bowel cancer and as you can appreciate it left her pretty much as the same as you are feeling…

She took prunes every morning and this helped ease her and made her go normally…

Hope this helps.

Luv Allison xx

Hi All

Just reading through Allisons post and it reminded me that FIL who had Bowel Cancer used to eat squares of jelly when his motions were loose which really used to help.


Angie, you are going to tell me I am a fussy wotsit, I don’t eat mushrooms or mayonnaise or your other fave cure watercress soup!!! Sorry but the eggs yum cooked any way.
Thanks for trying. I am struggling cannot eat any fruit or veg at all on CMF or RUN!!!
No chance of being healthy for some time
Lily x


Lily - have you tried Immodium or similar just to give you some respite? Hope you’re managing to get some sleep despite all this.

Dids - poor you having problems with both sides. I used to have lots of urinary tract infections, it was like constant cystitus and wherever I went the first thing I looked for was where the loo was. In Dec 02 I had a urethral dilatation, which worked absolute wonders - I was told that they basically removed all the dead scar tissue which was aggravating my bladder after so many different infections. I wonder whether anything like this would be of use to you. I only mention it because I suffered for years and it wasn’t until I moved to a new area and therefore saw a new consultant who made the first mention of urethral dilatation that I had ever heard. I still wee more that average, but it’s much better.

Angie - book me in for your restaurant!

My botty is still misbehaving. The GTN ointment was working, but I can’t tolerate it on Taxotere, so am using the suppositories and getting as much water down me as I can - which is really hard on TAX as my oesophagus is painful. The pain and bleeding is mostly just after a movement. Still taking the Movicol and fruit. My movements are varying, some are really soft so I don’t want to go too far and end up the other way! It’s a balancing act. At least I know that when the TAX is finished there is something I can use which will help.


yes it is just a balancing act for me too, rather than a constant problem all day, so have not bothered with immodium. My stomach is my most delicate organ so I try to avoid tablets, it doesn’t like any of them. So it is pasta, rice, bread and potato for me and as they are my favourite, it is not bad at all. I miss fruit and thought I might try bananas, the chemist tells me there is something in them that is very helpful for the stomach lining particularly.
keep going with the anti-constipation routine, I did right through the next dose and had no more problems, fingers crossed
Lily x