Hi, I have just had my 4th infusion of Herceptin. My question to anyone is have you suffered from sore feet??? I know that this is a side effect of the taxotare (which I finished 6 months ago, and never suffered with the sore feet side effect), but I have noticed it gradually getting worse on the balls of my feet. Its not so bad that I cannot walk and there is no visible blisters or broken skin etc, they just look a little red. I have never heard of this being a side effect of Herceptin, but I dont know what else to put it down to.

I am due to see my Onc in April so will speak to her then, but just wondering if this has happened to anyone else…

Thanks for reading.

Hi Ness
I too finished taxotere over 4 months ago and still have sore feet and I am on Herceptin. I also still have slight peripheral neuropathy in fingertips and nails are just starting to fall off.
I think it takes a long time to get taxotere out of system. I do not get any side effects from Herceptin that I am aware of. But then its difficult to tell with everything I have had and am having. I am on Arimidex so get aches from that.
Take care

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I was on Arimidex and my feet were so painful it was like trying to walk barefoot on pebbles! Now changed to exemestane and Naproxen(anti inflammatory). It’s a bit easier but at night my feet are ‘burning’ and ache making me wake up.
Has anyone else experienced this or found any helpful treatment?

I finished taxotere 6 months ago and have very sore feet especially first thing in morning,I have also been on herceptin for 12 months,the peripheral neuropathy in hands and feet has just diminished so no more burning my feet when I get in the bath.
I have not come up with a way of easing this.