Sore Feet

Sore Feet

Sore Feet When I had my chemo (last session 2 years ago) (4 x AC & 4 x Docetaxel) I used to get pains and cramps in my toes/feet. Towards the last session, my nail on one of my big toes dropped off. When it grew back it was a different shape compared to the other one and it is very tight. I now get alot of discomfort in my feet – especially around the nail bed of my big toe.

I had my annual mammogram and check-up last month and all was well and I feel fine apart from the discomfort in my feet. I am wondering whether it could be the cold weather or even the fact that I am on Tamoxifen or a long term side effect from the chemo.

Has anyone else experienced discomfort in their feet 2 years down the line? I would be very grateful for any replies.

Many thanks.


Toe nails I finished chemo at end of December and have since lost 2 toe nails - the info given at the start of my treatment said that hair & nails can be affected so I assumed it was part of that…I have had no pain though. What does your GP and consultant say? You could ask to see a chiropodist anyway as maybe it has developed into an ingrown toenail, they should be able to help any way…feet are their “thing” after all!

Audbod x