Sore mouth

Hi everyone, i am on day 6 of my 1st fec and have a horrible “furry” mouth and throat, my temp is ok i got some Fluconazole from my gp yesterday which the chemo unit suggested. I am struggling to eat properly and was wondering about smoothies to get my goodness has anyone else tried one, or got any suggestions.

Ugh! I remember it well! For me, it was one of the worst things about chemo, and I had it every time. Difflam helps - makes everythign taste funny(ier) but does ease the pain… hang on in there, eat what you can but don’t worry if you don’t eat much in the first week - that’s the way i kept my weight under control! There are other things around if Fluconazole doesn’t work, or your body gets used to it (prescription stuff) Hang on in there! Jane

I’m sitting here day 7 after my last chemo with a white, tender tounge and grotty mouth (again). I use Difflam and Nystatin, it helps to keep it at bay but it doesn’t take it away altogehter. It’s just one of these very unpleasant side effects of chemo which in my experience is a matter of just sitting it out. By day 8 / 9 / 10 my tounge returns suddenly back to near normal. Taste buds come back but not like they were pre chemo.

Love Christine xx

Im the same, grotty gob, its horrid, i didnt really get it with FEC but have suffered it with all 3 TAX. My onc has given me the fluco tabs throughout all 21 day cycle as the mouth starts almost straight away after chemo.