sore mouth

I have been through my fourth chemo treatment and yet again have a sore mouth. It is really getting me down. Can anyone give me any tips please

Hi A lot of ladies have been advised to rinse with salt water but I have to admit it just makes me retch.  I was given tablets for oral thrush but it didn’t stop the sore mouth.  Hopefully it will go in a few days.  Good luck.x


Just a suggestion, a few years ago I had to have all my teeth capped due to grinding them which damaged the natural enamel. Whenever they put temporary crowns on whilst the others were made I ended up with mouth ulcers making my mouth very sore. My dentist advised using Glycerine. Its available very cheap and is very soothing , it applied a thin protect layer over the mouth ulcers.

I hope you feel less sore soon. X

Hello Melena


I have been using CORSODYL Daily Toothpaste since start of chemo and haven’t had sore mouth yet. Since it doesn’t taste so good I only use it twice a day, starting 2 days before each treatment and carry on for 5 days after.  To disguise the taste I also use Colgate Fluorigard Alcohol Free mouth rinse after brushing.  


Of course I can’t be sure if this is the reason why I haven’t had a sore mouth yet!  We all react so differently to chemo.


Good luck

Mahsa x



Horrid isn’t it - I really struggle with my mouth too. I use a baby soft toothbrush, “Squiggle” toothpaste which I get on EBay and Gengigel mouthwash (tesco) - that’s my prevention regime. If it gets a grip I use Difflam mouthwash from GP and try to cover the ulcers with Iglu (paste stuff from chemist or tesco) to try to stop the ulcers getting infected, but that’s hard as it often just turns into big sore areas rather than just ulcers. Hope some of this helps.xx

Hi Melena.  Hopefully you have picked up a little now from your fourth Chemo.  


I found using Duraphat Flouride Gel to clean my teeth twice daily was really helpful.

My dentist also suggested eating / sucking small ice cubes which again was  good

as this slightly numbed any ulcers and ensured everything was clean as i did find some

of the mouthwashes were harsh. (Duraphat is available on  prescription from Dentist). 


The ice cubes were also good when everything was tasting strange during treatment.


Hope this is helpful.


Take Care x 

I’ve used salt water and that seemed to work for me. I don’t make it too strong though.

Hi there


I have had the sore mouth, ulcers and oral thrush every cycle and I have found Nystan from the docs helped clear the thrush and it also deals with the ulcers.


I tried the salt water but found it awful, at least Nystan tastes of cherry!


As has been said, ice cream is a real bonus and I have eaten a fair few Aero mousses as well :slight_smile:


I avoid hot food as it seems to make everything worse, and drink loads and loads of water.