sore neck and throat ??

Had first tax on tuesday, 4th chemo and my glands at the back of my neck and front are sore , now gettin a sore throat , is this normal .no temp though . Also very starnge is a numb scalp ??

Lorna, someone else posted about this a while back - so others have deffo had it too. Will try and find the thread - but hopefully others will be along shortly… x

Hi Lorna. This was typical for me.
Paracetamol helped lots, tho not sure what you have been advised. If you are worried about temp being masked by paracetamol, take temp first, after all temprature should be checked every four hours. Hope this helps.

That was my reaction to TAX every time I’m afraid. Difflam helped the throat… pain killers the neck… Hope it goes soon! Took about a week for me… Jane

Jsne i am glad its only a week , can cope with that , dont want this for 3 weeks . Glad its typical as i never know how long to ignore stuff for (liar i ignore it fullstop mostly )…

Thanks all for the advice


Hope you feel better soon Lorna 45. Its rubbish when you get bad side effects . Cant give any advice sorry just sending a hug .
Love Sharon xx

thinking about it, you might need to see if it’s Thrush - and get something for it - the raw mouth/throat can be as SE of TAX OR it can be thrush, which needs treating. As I’ve had thrush as an se to ALL the poisons, I took stuff - on my third lot of medication now as the body’s got used to the other two! Jane

Ive had that from the beginning of chemo and take fluconazole for it , so this is a great combination . Its rotten losing taste buds too , i can smell it then not taste it …soooooo disapointing when i bite in !!! :slight_smile:


hi, i had 6 tax, yes the swollen glands and sore neck/throat were a definate se for me,

I took tramadol, but they do make you drowsy, advised against paracetamol because of masking temp, I dont think they would have been strong enough anyway,

I was given fluconazole but I think that was more for the oral thrush, but take it anyway, nothing to lose unless you are allergic to it,

if you havent already lost your hair, I had numb/sore/painful areas on my scalp just before my hair came out, (sorry)X

keep with it, and just ask if you arent sure about something, dont suffer in silence, like I did for a while,

Love and best wishes to you Liz x