Sore nipple 2 weeks after rads.

I finished rad s two weeks ago and have been ok up until the last few days, just a bit pink and swollen. Can anyone suggest what I can put on my nipple as it’s just starting to go crusty and sore? I use aloe ver a gel all over. A?also any suggestions for soreness in the crease under my breast? This has also only just flared up.

Yes, I would recommend Medihoney which was given to me by the Radiotherapy team, or you can buy it on Amazon.

I also had this plus sore aroind the outer areola.

spoke to radiotherapy nurse and she recommended hydrocortisone cream.  I used it 3 times a day and within a week it was much better.  I also put a folded cotton hanky down my top over the nipple area which was heaven ?  Good luck…:relaxed: