sore scalp

Hi ladies

Well Im on my last chemo i have number 6 tomorrow
but i have been having a sore scalp for a few days …
I’m starting to worry about it as i have just read a post on hear that a lady had scull mets …whitch as just got me worried …

I tought it might have been because my hair is thinking of growing back …

Any feed back would be great
thanks sal x

Any one please

sorry sal, i replied on the other thread. I was the one that posted about skull mets and i am so sorry if it has got you worried. Really at the stage you are at it is far more likely to be due to your hair starting to grow back. Both losing and growing can be quite uncomfortable.


I had infected hair follicles on all 4 of my tax treatments and they hurt like hell - started really sore scalp then had horrible spots that looked like chicken pox - GP had to give my antibiotics every time which would clear them up - not sure if it was down to the cold cap but GP was quite gobsmacked every time I showed up with same problem.


I also had this on everyone of 4 FEC. I agree it looked like chicken pox. Hope I do not get it when hair starts to grow back. Found tea tree only thing to keep it at bay and help with healing.

Dawn seen onc today he was ok about it and told me not to worry …but thank you anyway …just gey worryed easy …
but thanks for reply xxx

And thanks ladies for your replys realy appreciate …the feed back

thanks sal xx