Sore still after biopsy

Hi had my biopsy 3 weeks ago and have felt more tender these last 4 days than before. Is this normal to have a bit of pain. Thank u x

Hi Alvilajo

Sorry that you havent had a reply yet.  You may find it busier in theSurgery part of the Forum.

Alternatively you can post online in the Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum where one of our specialists will reply to you online.

We also have a free Helpline, 0808 800 6000, where you can speak with one of our experts.

Best wishes
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Hi Alvilajo

I remember being sore for ages after biopsies

( I have had a few ) they were all different. A big haematoma last time that went away on its own eventually. 

I would recommend phoning the breast care nurses if you haven’t already, they are great for reassurance and can invite you to come in if they think it needs to be checked. 

I I always make good use of them if I am at all worried or just have a question.