Sore throat, when to worry

Hi Girls!

I am ten days post my second FEC, and have a sore throat.
I have no temperature, but am tired (as usual), but no worse that expected,

When should I be worried, is it just a case of checking my temperature?

Thanks for your advice,


Hi Rebecca,

If you become concerned over the Bank Holiday that your sore throat is worsening and/or you have a raised temperature I would advise that you give NHS Direct a call, the number to phone is 0845 4647, the NHS Direct website has a facility for you to put your local details in which may in turn give you a more local number to ring. The link to the website is as follows:

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Jo, Facilitator

Hiya Rebecca

I tended to get a sore throat after each Epi. Are you having the GCSF injections? I had them and I think it is one of the side effects. I didn’t have any problems but would suggest you keep an eye on your temperature.

Julie x

Thanks Jo & Julie

I’ve not had GCSF Julie, so I suspect it’s just something I’ve picked up from my (snotty) children.

Will watch my temp


I am doing epi at the moment and after i finish the 3 days steroids i always feel like i am coming down with a sore throat… the first time i panicked and was taking my temp like a mad thing - it was entirely normal!! Now i check temp to be on safe side but if it was high i’d ring the numbers on my red card and take the hospital’s advice. Mind you - i think i am becoming a complete hypochondriac with the knowledge that my immune system is suppressed!!

The wonders of snotty kids!!! Hope you all feel better soon.


I was just about to post when I saw this thread. How do you know when something is serious? I had my first epi last Weds and have been ok with sickness meds but the last 36 hours I feel out of breath, my legs are like jelly, I,m literally stagering from bed to bathroom and my head feels like its going to explode.
I suffer from panic attacks and am currently on fluoxetine so I don’t know if what I’m feeling is rising panic or something I should ring about.
My temp is fine but i feel so scared cos every time I move I think I’m going tp pass out. Is this normal with epi?

another hypochrondriac or what?

Hi Trish, just stumbled across your post. Its a concern, isn’t it? The side effects, on paper, appear trivial but with a reduced tolerance to infection they can also be potentially worrying - and its something else entirely when you’re actually suffering from the side effects to which they refer. How are you feeling now? I have to say that the last 4-5 days, I have been feeling really awful - when, it being the 3rd week, I was expecting to feel much better. It started with mouth ulcers but has developed into a sore throat, aching limbs and wisdom teeth trouble to the extent that for a couple of days I’ve not got dressed and have spent all of my time either dozing on the sofa or just tucked up in bed. I did go to our walk in centre after phoning the oncology ward on Saturday and they took my blood pressure but they were of the view that since I didn’t have a temperature I didn’t therefore, have an infection and did not, therefore, either, need attention. I’m not sure I was reassured - I, too, appear to be a hypochondriac - although from one or two comments they said I was just not convinced that they were familiar with what chemotherapy was - and although I really struggle myself to own up and ask for help I would strongly suggest you telephone one of the numbers they would have given you just to get yourself checked out.

I am having my blood tested on Tuesday in preparation, hopefully, for my 2nd dose of epi on Wednesday - I’ll let you know how I get on - but please do tell us how you are progressing yourself.

Lots of love, Naz

Dear Trish, I would say if you feel worried and/or ill, the hospital support is there for you - do not worry about being a nuisance! When I did my chemo I went a couple of times with what were effectively false alarms, but no one even said to me that I was wasting their time. They were very pleased to see me and put my mind at rest, which is the important thing. Not wanting to worry you, but of course things can go very vbadly wrong on chemo, so always err on the side of caution.

Hi Trish and Naz

I think Flyright’s right - if you ever think you have an infection ring or go to the hosp. My lovely oncology breast nurse impressed upon me that if I thought I was ill I should do just that because while on chemo we can become very poorly in 5 minutes flat (hah… no wonder i am hypochondriac!!!).

Trish - it might be worth checking out the side effects on the meds sheets - since I don’t know if u had steroids or any of the same drugs as me post chemo… but your symptoms sound horrible and I think I’d be ringing up the hospital squeaking ‘is this normal’??

Naz - I do v sore mouth thing too tho not as badly as you - the warm salt water washes helped a bit but oww!!!

I had my 3rd epi last Wednesday and I have the sore throat thing big time but am consoling myslef with the thought of only one more epi to go!!

Hope Rebecca is feeling better now!

take care guys,