Sores on side of mouth


Didn’t quite know what to put as my subject but anyway here goes.

It seems that since I have had chemo 5 years ago I seem to get red marks on the side of my mouth. They have come and gone in a few days and I usually put it down to being a bit under the weather. I don’t get many colds but I seem to be getting these sores more regularly and the one I have now has been with me for over a week and is getting bigger, they don’t hurt at all.

I am on Femara now and was on Tamoxifen before so I don’t know if that could be a reason. In the scheme of things its minor but I would like to get rid of it before Christmas.

Any ideas?


I had something similar when I started on Zoladex and Tamoxifen. I thought they were cold sores but was wrong. A pharmacist suggested Vaseline Aloe Vera and Bach Rescue Cream. I was very unimpressed by the lack of proper medication in them but they did the trick and I apply it whenever I feel the area going a bit red. Hope this helps you.

On chemo when i got sore sides of my mouth-they split but didnt crust like sores-i was told it was because i was neutropenic ( which i was ) so perhaps its because you are off colour ?

Just a thought!