sorry to moan

as mentioned on otehr thread (sorry) i start chemo, the troubele is i no i am gonna be very tired, again the trouble is i am always a natrually tired person ne way even before i was diagnosed, is there nething that they can give that will help releive the tiredness a little, i just dont cope when im very tired

Hi Magdal,
The first couple of days after the chemo you’ll be on steroids, which perk you up a bit, but after that, if you need to rest, then you need to rest! I hate to be a nag but your body is going through a kind of poisoning, and it’s working flat-out to recover. You have to go with it and just rest when you need to. Accept as much help as you can from others, and give in to it. It will help your body fight the cancer.
I’ve just read some interesting stuff about how your immune system is one of your body’s natural defences against cancer, and it takes a hammering from the treatments, so if you get overtired your immune system will be even more overloaded.
Get in some good books and magazines, borrow all your friends’ DVDs, plump up the pillows and go with the flow. If you end up feeling OK and can go out and about, then that will be a bonus.
Good luck with it all
big hug
Jacquie x