South Wales meetup. Anyone else interested?

Anyone interested in meeting up for afternoon tea at the Gliffaes Country Hotel just outside Crickhowell (near Abergavenny,Mons) would be very welcome to join me, Alicer and Denio. It’s £8.65 there for as much as you can eat of dainty sandwiches and cakes and nice grounds for a walk if the weather’s good and people feel like it. Dates still under discussion to feel free to chip in. April 1st is being suggested at the moment.
The more the merrier!

Anne x

Hi girls,
I’m sorry but I will forgo meeting you all in Crickhowell. The hotel looks lovely tho! It takes two hours longer to get there from Conwy, than to get to London!
Hopefully you can get to the Cindrella tea and we will meet up

Hi Girls.

I am sorry Allie but I will not be able to make April !st . I will try my best to meet in the future, hospital appointments permitting!! It is so difficult arranging dates and venues . Please keep posting any future meets. Take care alicer xxxx

HI Alicer,
April 1st isn’t a definite so if you have other date suggestions around then please chip in. It looks like it’s only me and Denio at the moment. I know it’s very difficult to plan around treatment and hospitals isn’t it?
I can’t do Wednesdays or Thursdays but apart from that am pretty free from 15th March to 7th April which is during my Easter hols from work. I wanted to avoid 21st-28th March as my husband is off work that week. If you are able to get to Crickhowell it would be great to meet up. I don’t think you have to book at Gliffaes if I remember rightly as they have plenty of room (especially for only a small number)and they lay out loads of tea things like a buffet (but very civilised)and it’s all very relaxed so wouldn’t matter if anyone couldn’t make it on the day. It’s not like the Ritz but still very pleasant.

Sorry you can’t make it Allie. It is hard travelling from North to South Wales. I’m still hoping to go to the Cinders tea so hopefully I’ll see you there health permitting.

Anne x

Well Denio,
It’s looking like it’s just the two of us at the moment!! I’m quite happy to still meet up but only if you feel comfortable if it’s just the two of us. I won’t be offended if you’d rather not!
Tuesday 1st April is still good for me if it is for you. It’s not an April Fool either!
I haven’t actually met any other ladies living with secondaries as I was only diagnosed with secondaries just 3 weeks ago! It feels like months!
It would be nice to meet up if you still felt like it. I’m still hoping to go to the South Bank meet if I possibly can. I’ve only had one chemo plus Avastin so far and have been very well apart from a few aches and pains which seem to have subsided now.
How are you at the moment?

Anyway let me know what you think.

Anne xx