South Yorkshire

Is anyone from the South Yorkshire area?
I live between Doncaster and Barnsley but going through to Weston Park.
Be nice to speak to some local people
Sandra xx

Bumping up for Sandra

Hi Sandra I am from South Yorkshire, Rotherham, but now live in Worksop. I had my chemo and rads at Western Park, I have nothing but praise for the caring way in which all the medical staff treated me. I will be reaching my five years in June this year. It is a long road but as others say it is doable. I hope you are well and hope to chat to you again soon.

Hi Junieliz
Thanks for the reply
I have been to Weston Park today. Its my last session tomorrow.
They had a easter fayre there today so we went, after my rads. I’m glad I did as I think that I am going to make the effort to go and join them at their support sessions for a few weeks.
I hope you have an Happy and Awesome Easter weekend

Hi Dzyre and Junieliz
I am also from your area I live in Barnsley and I am just about to start my treatment on 26.4.13. This is my second time around.
Well done on the succesful completion of your treatment and I hope you continue to live cancer free for many more years to come.
Dzyre where did you have your surgery?
Hoping to catch up with you both again Alex x

Hi girls I live in Rotherham, just finished my treatment in July (WLE, SNB, 6xFEC, 15 x rads.) It is nice to know there are other ladies in my area! Hope u r all doing well, chat soon! :slight_smile:
Meredith xx

Hi anyone looking in this thread I’m from Mexborough I’m on everolimus exemestane combo i’ve got a met in my spine 2 tumours in my left breast one on the chest wall which is unopereratable and I also have cutaneous mets beneath the breast on top of all that I have M.S I have been on e/e for 9 months before that I was on Letrozole which stopped working my first cancer was 1996. Thankyou for looking x

Hi, I’m Jackie from South Anston. Just starting on my 2nd course of chemo tomorrow. First had BC in 2008 and had 8 rounds of chemo followed by 5 years of Tamoxifen which finished last April. Out of the blue got diagnosed with a new BC in February not hormone related this time, in other Breast. Had mastectomy and ANC in February and March at RGH and am due there for chemo, 6 TC, starting tomorrow. Good talking to some local girls, and best of luck with your treatment