Southampton - wonderful service and thankyou

Ok. Had mx June2012 Chemo Aug to Dec 2012 and have only 3 more Herceptin to go. Back at the gym, hair of sorts on head and nails coming back.
Then…a week ago I see a spot on the nipple of the remaining boob. Then this weekend think I feel a small lump. So at 9am this morning I rang my BC nurse to ask when I would be due a mammogram. The speed of today has reassured me how great the NHS can be. At 2.30 I saw the surgeon, he sent me for a mammogram and ultes sound and by 4 I knew I was clear.
We all moan about the waits, the SE’s and so on but for the first time in a week I will sleep safe in the knowledge I have no foreign body growing within. Thank you Mr Royal and all your team. Exemplary service. At no point was I made to feel I had wasted their time over nothing and I was told off for apologising.
So happy I could cry.

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