Soy and hormone therapy

I have reported the above posts because of the usual aggressive tone,just to say Elinda i totally agree with you when you say " I don’t think we can have double standards here when some type of research is seen as okay for one side of an argument but not for the other."
This ceratinly doesnt happen on the diet thread does it? as that thread is extreamly anti dairy/meat and not about research into diet and BC and excludes other members from posting.

well it is a criticism really isn’t it.It doesn’t matter though.I’m sorry that my grammar is under par for some of you.

I put " marks at the beginning and end of the piece,obviously wrong.
I seem to remember this being brought up a while ago about another poster.Just nit picking really isn’t it.

If anyone is confused by my post and thinks it was my own words or is even interested (which I doubt very much) well that wasn’t my intention the post was a quote from this link



Well I’m afraid your last comment just sums up to me some of the problem here.

We can look at the research on meat without giving it up. I eat meat several times a week and in fact my husband would laugh to think of me as being anti-meat. That doesn’t mean that I would refuse to accept any findings on vegan diets for example. I might though decide that I like meat too much to cut it out - that’s choice which is entirely different.

I was drinking a lot of soy milk before we explored the research on the diet thread. I had gone along with something I’d read and then changed my mind after the discussions. I’m thankful we can have them on that thread.

Similarly if someone could answer my question on the oestrogen and progesterone and other hormones in milk and how they might affect ER+ and PR+ tumours or not, I could change my view on dairy.

I’m not sure how you can say that the research thread isn’t about diet. I’ve posted stuff on this week looking at fibre. We’ve looked at a whole range of things from green and white tea, carrots to flaxseeds.

It is entirely up to you if you want to keep reporting anyone who doesn’t agree with your views.

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Thank you June for the reminder to us all.

Thanks June for responding,
Elinda ,
I would like to ask you if i am allowed to post my veiws and research on the diet thread? and if not why not?

Because as you will know it was myself (Lindiloo) who “suggested” the “Veganisum and Breastcancer” thread on the Alcohol thread, for those who wanted a thread exclusively to discuss this topic, this was because you yourself had asked to be able to discuss these diet issues without other posters posting opposing comments on diet and BC.

However the premise of the thread was imeadiately changed from my previous suggestion to “Research into Diet and BC” and it was stated quite clearly in the first post that the views shouldnt be challenged.
I did not and would not suggest a thread for this purpose as ALL research,views, and Opinions on a topic such as Diet and Breast Cancer which concerns all of us here on the forum should be allowed to be made on this topic in order to give a balanced and an unbiased dicussion on this very important issue, however this has not been allowed.

I hope this clears up any confusion about why my posts are continualy ridiculed,pulled apart and discredited and attacked on this forum by the same few usual ladies as my posts and research are not welcome here because it contradicts that which is wanted to be portrayed.

As i said earlier,if anyone can provide me with any reptuable Cancer Organisation or Cancer Charity that states that “Dairy is bad for BC” and should be avoided i will apologise but as this is not the case, untill such times as the evidence proves otherwise i shall continue to post the current research here on BCC so as not to mislead others and the general public reading this forum.
I hope now that this discussion is over and that the original posters question re Soy and hormone therapy can now get back on topic without all this ridiculing of my posts.

Lind - post whatever you like on the diet thread - you have in the past. But please don’t be surprised if you don’t get any responses.

Thanks finty,i dont mind if i dont get any replies i know by the pms that i recieve that lots of ladies read the forums but dont want to post so i think its important that all the diet topics as all other topics remain unbiased and inclusive and all the research is available.
Thank you.


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