Spa Baths in Bath -birthday treat-please advise!!!

Hi - Think I know what the answer is beofre I start! Big birthday coming up-60-Sept 13th- and long before I knew I was on the long BC and chemo trail I booked a luxury apartment in Royal Crescent Bath for the whole family to stay over a long weekend- really excited about it and the timing is good - weekend before 4th FEC so should be feeling BAAB (Bright As A Button!) The highlight was to be a visit and swim in Spa Baths - supposedly health giving but also suppose its a no no with chemo as in ordinary swimming baths - Any advice gratefully accepted.

Cheers and love to you all out there- stay strong x

I am sorry to say this but I wouldn’t go in the water.

Wish I could say, go for it what’s the worse that can happen but I’ve read too many posts that answer where people have found themselves with nasty little infections and it’s not what you want for your 60th is it :frowning:

Sorry but hope you have a great day anyway… maybe plan to do it next year instead?

Thanks Vertangie - thought that would be the case - just thought someone might say - Ah but the spa waters of Royal Bath contain magic healing and for that reason you may go…in my dreams! Still going to go but not take a dip.
Love to all x

Not sure if you have had your operation or not because I have had wle and full lymph clearance and have been advised to avoid saunas, spas, hot water etc cos it could give you lymphoedema. Over heating causes prob as no lymph nodes to drain fluid that comes to protect body from the heat… But, last time I saw lymphoedema nurse she said poss ok as long as not in too long, and steam rooms def better than saunas. ( I have finished all my treatment, chemo, ops, rads and am now on tamoxifen)

Glad you still going, hope you feel ok for it
Take care
Dawn X

Hi Chebsy

Found myself in same situation last cycle - I’d booked a spa day so went along anyway. First thing that happened was that I had to sign a form to say I was in good health. I did this (well, I was on the day…) and didn’t mention the bc or chemo or mx etc… It all went well until after I’d left the spa. No one had noticed that I had no hair - I’d cunningly worn a fringe and scarf for my ‘taking the waters’ session and whipped my wig back on before my beauty treatments. As I left, my eyes started to itch. by the time I got home I couldn’t drive as they were so painful. I then spent 2 weeks on antibiotics, and had sticky painful eyes for A MONTH!! My onc said, ‘well, at least it was only your eyes…’

My next cycle went completely pear shaped and I was very unwell, admitted to the unit etc, possibly because I was compromised before I started…

But you know all that don’t you!! Do have a really really great time anyway- maybe just cancel the spa and take in the rest of bath - there are some great things to do there… I don’t go often despite living in Bristol, but when I do I love it!

happy bd for next week

Td x

Hi Td- thanks for your warning - no bathing in Bath but really looking forward to it anyway- My daughter lives in Bristol - in Cranbrook rd Redland- where abouts are you? I’m in Boscastle.
cheers x

South Bristol - past temple Meads - so not far! Often up in Redland - lived there for years so tend to migrate back to Redland, although have lived in Knowle for 22 years now, so should be getting over it!

Had my surgery at BRI and chemo at Oncology Centre - will be having rads there too next…

What a haul this is!!

Td xx

A haul indeed but you are sounding really good! I had my surgery at Hayle hosp in Cornwall and oncology at Treliske Truro - all very good - especially the lovely Mr Brown - my consultant - have just found out on here from Debs in Cornwall that his car reg is BOOB DOC - anyone else’s consultant beat that???
Love x