Spots and boils after chemo

Hi All

I had my first round of fec 2 weeks ago and I have developed quite a few sore spots and small boil like pimples on my chin and cheeks. I wondered if anyone else has experienced this? 

Thanks in advance 

Bookie xx

Chemo makes weird things happen with you skin. Some of it believe it or not can be rather good. For instance, once I learned what lotions to use to keep moisturized my wrinkles went away. But the other thing can be acne and just weird spots in general. The reason from what I’ve been told is that chemo attacks all fast growing cells and skin of course is fast growing. Things will rise to the surface quick and cell turnover is high. I don’t know how to tell you to manage what is happening with you but maybe a call to a nurse? They might be able to suggest something. I will say for me that I continued to use my before chemo skin care regime which included a glycolic acid scrub. I didn’t use them the week after chemo but I’d start afterwards. My skin could handle it and I think it really helped it absorb the moisture from the lotion and serums I used, cleaned it well, which all in all kept it healthy.