spread to ovaries

Has any one had breast cancer that has spread to their ovaries?I had bc 8 years ago aged 38 years at the time .It was a small lump and had spread to 2 lymph nodes.After chemo and radio I was on tamoxefen for 5yrs then when I came off the tablets it was just the yearly mamograms that I had.I am looking for any one in a similar situation to myself to find out how you are coping and any advice on survival tips!

Hi, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and bone mets together in 2003. I was diagnosed with a bc met to one of my ovaries last Autumn. At the moment I have no symptoms and have been having regular CT scans which have showed no change, it’s stable. I’m not sure how long the met has been there but while there is no change I’m remaining on Xeloda (Capecitabine) as my bones are in good shape.
When things do change I will most probably be having Docetaxol.
(I feel really well at the moment.) Best Wishes.


is it definitely spread to ovaries and not a new primary? i know that in families with gene mutations it can sometimes occur in both places.

sorry i cannot be of any help… hope you get it back under control again.

Lulu x

I was tested for both breast and ovarian and it is definately bc.I have it in both ovaries and seedlings else where.Some times it just goes over my head and I just try not to think too much about what is going on inside my body.I just thought i might be able to find some one on here that has it in the same place and I see that you have the same Belinda.I too am feeling really well since they stented my kidney as the ovary was leaning on the tube to it and caused it to swell.

Thanks for the replies.

Take care :slight_smile: