!st bit over

Hi All

well I had my op yesterday and out today, all drains removed.

Have to go back on Monday to get the results, but surgeon thinks the nodes are affected so it looks like chemo for me, see onc next week



Hi Linda, it’s a great feeling isn’t it, to be at least one step along the way of all this treatment! I had my surgery two and a half weeks ago and really it was not too bad. Found it really helpful sleeping with a pillow along my tummy that I could rest my arm on and tuck into my armpit, it was really supportive and comfortable. I too am seeing the oncologist next week, know I’ll be having chemo and radiotherapy but guessing nothing will happen now until after Christmas. Thinking of you and hope that you make a speedy and uncomplicated recovery from your op and can have a great Christmas - with other people doing the work! Let us know how you get on. Sarah

Hi Sarah

thanks for the advice, today seems more painful than yesterday but its bearable.

Hubby gave me a wash this morning which was nice, although he does tend to smother me, but I know its only because he cares for me and loves me.

Well its time to do the excercises.

Will be back later

Hi Linda

Well done on getting the op out of the way - and good luck with onc next week. I had mastectomy on 13th Nov, and now approaching 2nd chemo, followed by rads, then more chemo…the pain does lessen - and keep up with the exercises, they seem hard in the beginning but believe me it’s worth keeping at it. I have just about full movement back in my arm now.

take care


Hi Linda - Just thought worth mentioning that my surgeon said several people are more aware of pain after 24/48 hours and are worried something is going wrong, but this is because you are given a large amount of pain killers during the op, and they gradually wear off. Hopefully by the time you are reading this you will be feeling a bit more comfortable, mind you with hubby giving you such tender care you might want to stay in bed a bit longer!! Good luck. Love Sarah

Back in hospital another infection temp is 40.2 they cannot find veins so have to have one in neck for ABX! Sometimes wonder he am going to make all this crap Using mobile to access web clever stuff

Dear Linda - Don’t know if you can access the web to read the reply as well, but if so then this is winging its way to you with an enormous hug and to say get better soon. That really is rotten, but sounds as though they caught the infection quickly and got you right into hospital which is good, although it might not have seemed so at the time! I’m going to Sydney today to meet my son who is arriving for the Christmas holidays, but I’ll hope to hear word from you once you are back home and back on the road to recovery. What a horrid thing to happen. Lots of love Sarah xx

Thanks Sarah. I needed that feel pretty asap now Xxx

Sorry to hear you are back in hospital and not feeling too well - and what a dreadful time of year for it to happen.

Fingers crossed that they get the infection under control quickly.
Big (gentle) Hugs (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((0)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Maddy xxxxx