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Hi all you rads cyberpals … Well got zapped today for the first time 1 down 24 to go. Found it all impersonal and like a production line , therapists were fairly pleasant but no exchange of names unlike chemo nurses who introduced themselves and always called me ‘Bobbie’. Cannot wait for it all to be done chemo was hell but you felt you were at least human. With the rads you feel like a slab of meat. The bed is very hard and my back ached when I got off. although I was only on about ten mins . Ifeel very achy these last few months but I’m sure a lot of it is tension and fatigue. Moan… moan … moan. Do’nt mean to sound miserable but like a lot of you say it seems to go on forever. MY mammogram was nine months ago I think I could have had a baby in that time ,at 62 highly unlikely mind the way I feel about … how’s your father!!! Chance would be a fine thing. Lots of love to all RADS newbies, keep in touch and post Rad pals keep us newbies going please!!! Love Bobbie xxx

Hi Bobbie

I had my rads earlier in the year (Feb/Mar) - they were in the middle of my chemos - 4 chemo then 20 rads then 3 chemos - so I’m a post rads pal !!

I actually found my planning appt to be the worst - that was the one where it was so impersonal. The actual treatment was much better - the staff always called me by my first name, asked about the family etc. I had to live away from home for my rads and stayed in a hostel within the hospital with approx 15 other people from my home town area - the staff were aware of this and I think did their best to make us feel comfortable during what they knew was a difficult time.

I hope your experience improves with time…good luck with it

Margaret x

Hi Margaret Thanks for getting back to me . Good god lass you must have been exhausted to finish off with chemo. My cousin who lives in Oz had to do the same as you but in a little block of flats, hubby stayed with her cuz he was retired. That must have been hard for you. Did you burn ??? Gonna use Aloe Vera but sent for some Emu oil but no one sems to have heard of it at my hospital . Company said they had some positive feedback from Rads patients but I am know a little charry about using it because hospital have not give me the go ahead. Hope you are beggining to pick up up a bit now. I have ben very scared at times and hope I will be able to get on with my life and not dwell on WHAT might happen again and hopefully put all this lot behind me.
Love Bobbiexx

HI Bobbie

I had my rads at the Western General in Edinburgh. Family weren’t allowed to stay unfortunately, so hubby had to stay home and look after 10 yr old daughter - she used to ring me at 10 pm to tell me she couldn’t sleep cos she was missing me so much - it was heartbreaking lol.

I didn’t burn much - and I didn’t use any cream at all till after treatment was finished. Having read all the advice on here for rads - I had bought creams etc but senior radiographer told me that I wasn’t to use anything and they would monitor my skin throughout treatment and give me cream when I needed it. After the first 2 weeks I started going a bit red, and it never really got any worse. After the 4 weeks of treatment they gave me aqueous cream to use everyday for 2 wks - I applied it regularly and although I had some small patches of peeling skin, like sunburn, there was nothing major.

I had my last chemo 5 weeks ago - unfortunately it leaked into my tissue and had to get the extravasion specialist to look at it - wrist is still sore but in the main I’m beginning to feel normal again - whatever normal was lol!

Just waiting to start herceptin at the moment - but have problems with heart scan (but that’s a whole nuther story lol!)…

Hope you get on okay - I’m still trying not to dwell on things - harder some days than others…

Margaret x

Hi Bobbie - I’ve now had 26 out of 30 radiotherapy sessions, so guess I almost count as an oldtimer! At the start I felt very much like you, that it was all so impersonal. None of the therapists seemed to have name badges on, often I’d say hello or goodbye and hardly get an answer, there was a lot of chat over me and not to me, and worst of all there was a lot of chewing of gum six inches from my face while they were lining me up!! I was definitely Mrs not very thrilled with this lark!! Anyway, over the weeks it has got easier, the girls have got chattier and I suppose I have just got used to it. I wanted to use aloe vera but the nurses were adamant that I should only use what they advised (sorbigel) and I have to confess I did as I was told! Now my skin is red and sore, but the nurses are being very helpful with creams and dressings. So what I’m saying is, hang on in there, it is a different experience than chemo, but in truth we are just there for a few minutes as opposed to the hours we spent with the chemo nurses, so it is bound to be more impersonal. Keep writing here, and we will listen to you and swap stories!
Hi Margaret - Good to see your name popping up - how are you doing? I was just thinking about you last night and wondering how you are. Sarah x

Hi Sarah

I’m getting there lol - going to see about starting herceptin next week - no idea how many I’ll get - deffo not the full 17 but hey ho.

Good luck with the end of the rads - you must be glad it’s nearly over

Margaret x

Hi Corsa and all rads newbies

Interested in your experiences as I start on 8th July. Have just found out I have lymphoedema so am even more anxious than I was. Is anyone else have the armpit zapped as well as the breast area? I only had one lymph node involved and I thought I would not need the armpit done.

Judy x

Hi to all my rads pals… Saw Onc today and said I could use organic anti stink from Penny Brohn cancer centre during rads. Gave him lealflet on Emu Oil to peruse on. Is’nt it funny how differnt hospitals have different ideas re creams. You would have thought they would have standarised treatments for rads. Judy having armpit and boob zapped , Sticky metal plate stuck on both scars then away they go. Skin feels a bit warm tonight , so hope it does not reach boiling point by end of treatment. Had script to start on Tamoxifen today, thought thats good give me a couple of days before Rads again Mon , hospital out of stock!!!i I am so angry and quite fearful WHY??? Chemo was horrendous for me personally, so I cannot understand why Rads are making me feel so peed off come on gals sort me out and tell me to just b/dy well get on with it. Love and hugs to all Bobbie

Hi Bobbie
I felt exactly like you 2 weeks ago and a thread was bumped up for me which I have bumped up again for you - its titled Anger and I also started one called first week but…, which has had some good responses
I feel much more positive now and resigned to the fact that rads and chemo are different experiences.

Good luck

Hi Mary 2 down 23 to go. I ca’nt believe its been two weeks since you started rads just goes to show , as my son said whats five weeks out of 62 years of life.
I could get a degree in whittling , so I must pull my socks up and try to think more positive. Yes you are right they are different whats a sore boob compare to chemo side effects!!! Will look at your thread on anger etc. keep in touch.
Love Bobbiexx