stage 1 breast cancer 3mm ??

my mother is 73 yr old from loveland ohio they just told us the day after her b day 10/31/11 she has cancer we are spose to meet with docs friday 11/04/11 they are spose to tell us what they are going to do ?? im so afraid i dont want to see my mother suffer or die…i cant stop cry n i no i have to be strong for her but some times im so afraid i go to the bath room and just cry so no 1 can see me. my hands shack some times so bad i cant write im letting fear take over i think i will loose my mind !!

Her oncologist and surgeon will be able to advise. But with such a small tumour we would normally do a lumpectomy to remove the area if she’s fit enough filled by radiotherapy and hormones for 5 years. With the diagnosis you have described it is highly unlikely the cancer would be life threatening and no reason she will make a full recovery. She may not need all the treatment mentioned and highly unlikely she would need chemotherapy.

Write a list of all your questions to ask her consultant when you see him. Good luck to you and mum x

thank you lulu34 for taken the time to write me back im so glad to here that i think i swallowed the rock i had in my throat…im so glad to here she might not need chemo:)im so thankful for your help god bless !!

Will be thinking of you and your mum on 4th.
May it be the best outcome it can be. It sounds at the right end of the spectrum, and small - I hope its just that.
This b@:++^r of a desease manages to unit ladies the world over, its for such the wrong reason
Love and empathy

Hi afraid,

Just want to wish your Mum all the best on the 4th, take care xx

Hi afraid
I agree with Lulu - it is quite a small tumour and hopefully they will be able to remove and blast with Rads - Your Mum can then enjoy another 30 years!!
Try not to worry to much - breast cancer has advanced so much due to awareness.
I wish your Mum and you lots of luck and the key is to stay positive.
I know you’ll get sick of hearing it but it really does help. I had 4 Tumours blasted with chemo every other week but little side affects and I think its because I know I am going to beat this and it is not going to take over my life!
All the best - Hugs to you all
Ginge xx