Staring at box of Tamoxifen

Mine are supplied by CP Pharmaceuticals and I just get the hot flushes ( mainly at night). My best friend in bed ( apart from OH of course) is my Chillow!!.

God bless


My tabs are from APS and got them at the hospital but from next month I will be getting prescriptions from my GP so hope to stay on these as 4 days in (ealr days I know), I have noticed nothing at all.

Mine are CP Pharmaceuticals and no problems so far ,about 4-5 weeks on.
Hope you stay side effect free Cassie!


I’ve been on tamoxifen since March 07 and don’t have any side effects.
I get my tablets in three month supplies and they vary each time from APS to CP Pharmaceuticals
and I haven’t noticed anything different between the brand names.

I think all these drugs affect each of us differently. I took Tamoxifen between 16 January and 3rd March and found it affected my memory and ability to concentrate very badly (although at the time I thought that was ‘chemo brain’. It also made me depressed to the point of being suicidal. I had been very upbeat through diagnosis and treatments but went downhill rapidly on Tamoxifen.

As the chemo had effectively put me through the menopause, my onc took me off Tamoxifen and put me on Arimidex. Within days, my brain function had improved and my optimism had returned. However, my feet hurt on and off and I have less sensitivity in my fingertips than I did before cancer, but I don’t know whether that’s chemo, arimidex or age associated as I am now in my early 50s LOL.

Somebody mentioned worrying about bone density. It’s my understanding that Tamoxifen strengthens bones, but Arimidex and any other aromatose inhibitor affects bones adversely.