STARS- support group/network (Hampshire)

Hello ladies,

Welcome to STARS. A support network in South Hampshire for younger women. We are a growing group of women at various stages along the ‘journey’. We like to meet for lunches and the odd glass of wine and have an optimistic outlook and not too much doom and gloom.

Use this thread if you would like to join us.


Do you do soup and ice cream? How about pureed chickem fajitas?
Glad you had a good time today - sorry not to have made it but too tired today and couldn’t face driving in the rain. Looking forward to coming to next meet. Can you txt me the dates please?

Hi , I enjoyed meeting the STARS today for lunch. Hope to see you next time Kate if you feel up to it.


Sorry i couldn’t make today but had a family wedding to go to. First time in 18 months I actually felt good about what I was wearing and didn’t mind having my photo taken
Would love to come to the next meets - can you also let me know dates please


Hi Ruth and gals

So sorry I missed you all today. We were at a Friday wedding at a posh hotel in Southampton most guests stayed the night. Was a bit too hungover to rush back and breathe all over you. Glad you had a lovely time looking forward to the next meeting and the Christmas meal and Santa trip. Could I have the dates please?

I’m off to London and York for a couple of weeks so may not get the chance to pop online. Catch up with you soon girlies.

Love Judy

Ahhh. Just woken up having fallen asleep in one of the ladies lounge booths, chips stuck to face…nice!?

Welcome, hope those of you that went to weddings had a great time, and everyone else had a good weekend.

Captains Log:
The next meeting for STARS is in Fareham on 18th October for lunch. I will PM the details.

The Xmas dinner is also in Fareham on 6th December, for an evening dinner. We have a venue in mind and when we next meet I can start to collect numbers etc for those that wish to come. For 2 course its about £19 or 3 course £26 approx, which for a Christmas dinner we thought was reasonable. We also, thought OH may wish to join us.

Marwell family visit: I have spoken to Marwell they will email me when they have decided what they are doing for Xmas. They are sure they are doing The Winter Wonderland again which I have been too and was brilliant

Busy, busy, busy…

I really wanted one of the objectives of the group to be, having several dates in the diary, so we can all have something to look farward to and plan for and have happy funny memorys of what we get up to…

I shall leave some olives on the bar and theres plenty of Wolf Blass Chardonnay in the fridge. Help yourself. If anyone else fancies stocking the cellar/optics/barrels with anything else to drink, please leave your order.


Hi Ruth

I had a lovely time yesterday, it was lovely to meet the new ladies!

Mine’s a glass of rose wine…until we meet again!


Hi Jackie,
Is that a glass or bottle of Rose…
Glad you enjoyed the afternoon, I did too.

Talk soon

(mental note to self: Order large quantities of Rose wine for cellar)

Hi All

Managed to get on eventually. Definately need a drink now! Thank you so much for Saturday it was great to meet you all. Look forward to meeting more of you. good luck tomorrow Jackie.

Speak soon

Oh please can I have a large rose too and a packet of pork scratchings mmmmmmm.
Good to meet you all. This time in three weeks I will be fast asleep!!! Excited, yes! Can I have honey rum chaser? With ice too please?

Hello Vanessa and Bev,

Glad you had a good time, look forward to seeing you again with a few more new recruits, me thinks.

Rose wine delivery received. Chilled bottles in large, ‘American style’ fridge with ice despencer.

What is a honey rum chaser?
Do I need to employ a dashing young man to mix tasty cocktails?

I’ve eaten all the olives but will leave pork scratchings on the table by the purple booth…

Ruth x

Mmmmmmmm lovely pork scratchings with a cuppa this early in day…a dashing young cocktail waiter would be most welcome …swoooooon

I’m off to the ‘Living with BC’ course, in St Albans tomorrow anyone else booked on it? Then have a week in London and York seeing some shows and visiting friends. My first trip away since dx last November I’m sooooooo excited I feel about 5 years old!

Lovely cuppa will join you all for a glass of rose on my return

Judy x

Hi all,

Apologies for not being able to make it on Saturday. I didn’t realise the distance involved until Friday night. I live in London and thought that the catch-up was closer -ooops. Plus, wasn’t up to driving all the way as I have just finished rads and am feeling rather tired, must have been all the commuting to and from the hospital. Am quite disappointed that so will try to come next time as I really would have liked to meet you.

K xx

Just come in out of the rain again! What we need is a topless male bar tender, with well developed pecs to make up for our missing ones!! Oooo and nice big quads too (like rugby players).
Cocktail please…mmmmm how about ‘sex on the beach’…'I’m losing myself now '… ‘a long screw’…and a screaming orgasssssmmmmmmm!!! Sorry about that outburst, dont ban me I know I’m filthy dirty dirty!

Thanks for the pork scratchings, left the crumbs for above hunk to clear up!!! Nice velor plush seats in the purple booth could do with curtain though!!


Would you like to join me for auditioning the …‘young gentlemen’?

What fun!

Yes please Ruth. We can give them numbers like on x factor. Anyone else, we’ll need three X’s.

Just popped in for a ‘quick one’ of tomato juice…unlike Vanessa who was in here for ages…having had a sccccccccccreaming oooooooorgasm!!

Yes ladies who else wants to be a judge??

Just off to collect little one from nursery, if I drive via the beach (Lee) I will look out for you there too Vanessa…!!!

Captains Log:

Having an absolutly rubbish, day!

Still off work after Oopherectomy last week. Have retreated to bed for the day with cup of tea and box of tissues. Tried to make appt. with a BC nurse earliest appt…9 days time. Rang GP surgery to touch base with very sympathetic GP …not available till third week of October!!!

Totally fed up with hot flushes, short hair, being tired, feeling stressed, being paranoid, having no boobs, now no bloody ovaries, fed up at not being able to even acknowledge my lack off boobs and I’m fed up with being fed up!!


Oh Ruth bit chilly for sex on the beach today!!! How about a nice sloe gin to warm me wet tootsies. I brought back two big bottles from duty free in Lanzarote intending to make sloe gin this year… Oops none left! Not many sloes out there. Loads of blackberries, for picking and they’re free. They taste better when there’s no charge.
Line em up girl, having a session tonight!