Start chemo next week Tuesday 25th July

Found this forum and thought I would ask for some tips and thoughts on first chemo session? Bit scared. Have already cut off my long hair to a bob. Going to get a really short hair cut today so it’s in my control! I will have 6 sessions over 18 weeks and will have Pejeta and Herceptin start together on 4th cycle. Operation after chemo and then radiotherapy last. Early stage grade 2 HER2 positive BC. All happened so fast!!

Hi Wingnut,


Sorry to hear you’re having to start chemo but glad you’ve found the forum. You’ll find loads of help and support on here from women going through it with you. There is a monthly thread set up just for people starting chemo in July so I’d have a look at that and join in. Also that group have an additional Facebook group which is very active. If you search Breast Cancer Care July 2017 Chemo Starters, you’ll find us. The cover picture is of pink roses. 


Looking forward to chatting to you.


Hi Wingnut

Your treatment sounds very similar to mine. I’m having chemo first before op and rads, first session is on Thursday. I’m also grade 2 HER2 positive. I’m changing to Pertuzumab, Trastuzumab and Docetaxel on 4th session. I had already had 2 cysts in the past couple of years so when I found this lump I wasn’t too worried as I thought it would be another one. Its been a blur of MRIs, CT scans and various other tests since!

Are you going to try the cold cap? I don’t know enough about about it yet so I’m undecided. I have an appointment for a wig fitting on Tuesday which I’m not looking forward to but have to stay positive.

Wishing you the best of luck for Tuesday, be nice to keep in touch as we go though this.

Louise x

Hi Louise
I decided not to try the cold cap as I heard different opinions but some were common such as the freezing aspect of the cold cap is quite painful and uncomfortable, it can work but also it can leave patches of hair and bald patches where it doesn’t work (maybe there are better cold caps then others??). Most important to me was an oncologist that was not happy with them because he thought that where the cold cap was working the freeze aspect might stop the chemo working there?? So I have decided to embrace the baldness:-). I have my tour and talk of the chemo unit tomorrow then my PIC line on Monday. Then ready to go! Just want to get started but also nervous about the side effects. Will be lovely to keep in touch. All the best emily xx

Hi Louise

Great your CT scan was clear! And that you liked your wig. I’m going to wig place in hospital on Friday.
One down and 5 to go !!! Yesterday was my first round and the actual drugs being put back n took and 1h and a half in total and felt fine. Had a prickly bum with the steroid antisickness which was first. But other than that was ok. About 2-3 hours after I got home I felt sick and was SPECTACULARLY sick but felt better, relief after. I’m sure not everyone is sick and I honk hey gave me a medium type dose of antisickness. I was sick about 6 times over the next 6 hours with relief afterwards. I phoned the ward and asked them if I should take the other antisickness tablet whic they gave me “if needed”. She was really reassuring and told me to take it and that next time the onc might prescribe me stronger dose to start with. I slept really well on and off with no sickness so I feel ok this morning. Just a bit queasy and fuzzy. I just ate a little scramble egg. Also I ate rich tea biscuits In between being sick and drunk water even when I didn’t feel like it. Sips little but often. Hopefully I will just feel fuzzy which I can cope with today. Best we f luck tomorrow and always remember that you can call the hospital if you are worried or not sure about something. Xxxx emily

Put in not put back in!!! Typo. ?

Hi Louise - How was your chemo yesterday. Hope you are feeling ok. I’m feeling tired and brain fuzz but ok.
Emily x

Quick question. Did they say why you needed a CT scan? I am having one now because although it only seems to be in my right b and no lymph nodes appear to be involved from ultrasound they want to be sure. Emily x

Hi ladies, just found your thread


I too started my chemo last Tuesday 25th July.  EC. X3 followed by Paclitaxel X9(weekly)


So far, I have felt ok… nauseous on Tues eve and Wednesday. But no sickness. 

I took all my anti-sickness and steriods as instructed. Even managed to inject myself on the Wednesday. You don’t realise how strong this thing makes you become!

im religiously cleaning my teeth and swilling my mouth as I can’t bare the thought of mouth ulcers, but I’m sure I’ll be fine when confronted by them. 

Hope you’re both feeling well today and had a good sleep last night. 




Hi, I too am on perjeta, herceptin & taxotere, 2nd cycle today. After first, had attack of oral thrush, lots of pain caused by filgrastim injections & poor sleep caused by steroid anti nausea tablets. Bit grim but didn’t last more than 7 days. I am using cold cap with good outcome. My hair has thinned but it’s not noticeable, I have a wig ready if needed, I’m told I cud still lose my hair even with only 2 treatments to go. My next hurdle is surgery & starting to get anxious about that, no date yet but probably late November.

Sometimes I don’t know where the time goes. It’s been ages since I posted and hope you hate all doing ok? I have had round 4 on Friday. Docetaxel Herceptin and Perjeta. Yesterday felt like I got hit by a wall. Was ok before that. Achey and fatigued and just plain rubbish. Been in bed most of the time. Hoping this is a blip and will pass in a few days. Most of the time since I started my treatment I felt ok apart from about 1 weeks post the chemo. The FEC felt a bit easier than than this i think. Only 2 left. ??. Have been eating lots of melon and have had diahrea which I haven’t had before. Just read on the forum that fruit has that effect so might not eat any fruit. Struggling to know what to eat as I’m obsessed with trying to be healthy. Think I may change that and just eat what i fancy that doesn’t increase risk of diahrea - carbs are the way forward apparently? Warm baths are nice (with someone nearby in case I feel a bit faint!!). Seeing my oncologist tomorrow so will ask about side effects and any foods to avoid etc. Sending lots of postive vibes to you all xx emily

Hi Lou. Poor you. Sounds like your chemo day was far too eventful! I have heard about fluid leaking and causing sore skin but don’t have any experience myself. I have a PIC line which is a tube that remains permanently in my arm. I have it flushed and redressed once a week and have to wear a cover over it when I shower or bath. Apart from that it’s been no problem at all. Can you ask for one maybe? No needles then? I guess each person is individual and only your onc knows. If it’s hot to touch I would ring them now and chat to them. At least the. If you need to go in they will be prepared for you so there won’t be much hanging around. Not worth waiting as we are vulnerable!! I do feel your pain re going into hospital but think of all those drugs you can have to alleviate any pain nausea etc. We had our T the same day! I’m going to ask my onc why is have 3 T and not 4 like you. Although like you I don’t want to increase the goal post but at the same time cure is the goal!!! Call the hospital chemo unit and let me know what they say. Wishing you all the best. Stay strong. X emily

By the way. Little pieces of cold melon seems nice in my mouth. Swallowing is definitely weird. Dry. Porridge with oatmilk and honey not dairy due to diarrhoea. Ice pops. Lots and lots of water!! Paracetamol seems to take the edge of the achey pains a bit. Changing positions when I can. Sitting standing. Sofa. Bed. Chair. X