Start chemo on 4th Sept and treatment plan

Hellooooo my buddies!!
After a rollercoaster of results 3 weeks ago which changed from Grade 0 to Grade 2 Her2+ after a lumpectomy and one lymph node taken out I was told I still have pre cancerous cells in the margin so will need chemo as an overkill, more surgery, radiotherapy and then tablets!

Here is my treatment plan which starts after meeting the chemo team and signing consent form on 1st Sept, then chemo starts on 4th Sept! This is the start of my recovery alongside all of you lovely ladies who will recover with me too! We will fight this together!!!x

6 cycles of chemo, one every 3 weeks
First 3-Epirubicin and cyclophosphamide with 2 types of anti sickness injections (2 days of anti sickness drugs to take home)
Second 3- Docetaxel (Tax)
Also will need Herceptin every 3 weeks for 18 months (another year after chemo)

Will also need daily GCFS injections one week after chemo for a week to build up immune system and make more white blood cells!

Side effects affect us all differently but we only know until we have the first couple done and know what to expect! I may try the cold cap which will add 2 hours onto treatment or I might just go crazy and have it shaved and wear my wig!

I then need more surgery 4/5 weeks later to take out pre cancerous cells, radiotherapy to follow and then 10 years of Tamoxifen as extra prevention!

It’s strange because I feel quite ok today! At least I know what’s in store and can prepare myself for treatment and do a few things before I start as my 81 mum is arriving from overseas next Thursday so gives us 10 days before treatment! Haven’t seen her for 16 months!

And ladies!!!
I even went to have my cervical screening done today too, to get that out of the way!!!Very brave Phew!!!

Lets try to be positive as we all go through our individual journeys! Of course we will have our shocks,worries, anxiety, tiring, emotional ups and downs but we will get better as we have each other for support and the greatest treatment available!

Lots of love to you

Glad you have your plan and are so.positive. Your chemo is same as me, though I haven’t had daily injections to do (yet) also Herceptin and tamoxifen!
I would definitely make the most of your time before chemo and enjoy your visit from your mum (mine sadly has sadly passed away and I miss her so much, especially now)
We are all here for each other and we will get through this together. S
. Xxx

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I know there is a lot stuff that you are going to have to go through along your journey, but I just wanted to say what a wonderful y positive post. 


It is so true that knowing what is going to happen and when really does help us to deal with what is ahead of us Onwards and upwards towards the end of the journey and we will be beside you all the way


Helena xxxx

Oops posted too soon,
Despite the challenges glad you feel better now you know what’s What and what hapens next .

Ck and sib love to you both and to everyone else too x
Ck have a fab time with your mom and SIb I hope your lovely sons are looking after you
Big hugs to everyone x

Yes, I am aware of all the side effects, feeling crappy, fatigue, mouth, hair, skin, nails, sickness and things will crop up but let’s deal with them when they come!
I also know when you are not feeling well yourself and someone else is having a good day, you can find it hard to share the feeling but we will all have our up and down days! I’ve been moaning a lot lately and all my posts have been about crying and worry and stress!
There’s no point in me worrying until then and cross that bridge when it comes!
No doubt I will be back to moan!!!xxx

Yes, we will support each other Newbrunette! Road to recovery is good! Which stage are you?xx

Wow what an amazing post CK. Love that positive mental attitude!

Glad you have your plan if action, me too, now we just have to hang on for the ride! X

Hi Xena75
I just think to myself ‘Its there’ so deal with it! I have the help and support I need so use it! No one else can do it for you!
Of course easier said than done but I actually find myself talking to myself nowadays and telling myself ’ Pulll yourself together Linda!’ Merlot the ginger cat is so confused!!!

We will do it Xena!!!

So going mad with sticking a pair of tights over my head to see myself bald!!! Wigs, hats and scarves getting sorted! Hair to be cut short next week then shaved shortly after!
Getting the creams, mouthwash, sweets, biscuits and cupboards stocked up and getting staff to cover me at work! All fun and games! Ladies is there anything else I need to prepare?xx

Ck you are so organised x you sure your checking out how you will look and not planning on robbing a bank xx