Start Thursday

First round this Thursday bit scared. Xx

You’d be crazy not to be scared Tortoisegirl! And nobody claims that chemo is pleasant, but what we’ve all found is that it’s doable. Read the sticky thread on tips for getting through chemo, and link up with the November Newbies, then you’ll have buddies who are going through the same stuff as you at the same time.


I’m a May Moonbeam, so the chemo and radiotherapy are in the past tense for me, but I do remember the huge support I got from the other Moonbeams, and hope I gave back too. It’s so much easier dealing with it with other women in real time. Plus sometimes you feel you can’t dump yet more on your family and friends because they don’t understand. Good news is that everyone on this site DOES understand.


Have a cyber hug <<<<<Tortoisegirl>>>>> and sleep well.


Jane x

Hi Tortoisegirl

Hope you are felling okay, I am due to start my chemo soon, keep positive , it’s also good to talk to other people it does help good luck for Thursday ?

Hi ladies, I’m half way through now, it’s a tough regime, but as Jane said its doable and necessary xxxx you will get lots of support from the groups and everyone feels like you do embarking on chemo because its daunting and we all fear the unknown, but we will all get through it xxxx