Started chemo today (30th Oct)

Hi all
I had my first FEC this morning, and apart from a funny tasting mouth and a little snooze this afternoon, I feel fine.

Did others have this and then get hit with symptoms in later days?
I have had one dose of ondansetron today and another for tomorrow, plus 3 days of dexamethasone steroids and metoclopramide for next week if I need it.

I am hopeful of going back to work next week (I’ve been working for the last 3 weeks and only took 3 off after mastectomy). Too optimistic?

Sounds just like my wife - she had her first FEC yesterday at 2 and has slept pretty much since then, just popping down for a nibble to eat and drink every few hours.
I’d be interested to see if there are any others who were fine for a while before the something else kicked in, although we obviously hope not.
Hope you keep as well as you are now.


After my first chemo (Friday) I had a big family party on the Sunday and was thinking that they had given me the wrong drugs 'cos I was feeling OK. The side effects kicked in Monday!

I’m now over a year past chemo, with a full head of curly hair and chemo is a distant memory.

Just go with the flow when/if you’re feeling a bit grim and it will soon be over (even though it may not seem that way at the moment).

Take care


PS I did manage to go into work after the first few days of each cycle

Thanks Joe and Mal
I only had one little snooze and just popped out in the car for a takeaway!

OH has been offered a night out tomorrow (which I’m happy for him to do) and wondered if I could drve him! I said maybe!

I work 30 miles away so I’m not sure whether to aim to work from home rather than get stuck a few miles out if I come over too tired to drive, and OH can’t leave work to collect me.

My side effects kicked in about day 3 but I was sick just once on day one each time.

Hi Flora

I remember on day one feeling a sort of ‘head rush’ and like Horace I was always sick on day one. However, you have Ondansetron which is a really good anti-sickness med - I didn’t have this. Watch out for the red rosy cheeks on or about day 3 - people actually thought I looked really healthy!! Also after being hyper on the steroids I got a real low after stopping them. Love xxx

Hi Flora,

Pleased to hear that the chemo has been kind to you so far. I had my 3rd FEC yesterday and as much as i hate to say this in case i’m tempting fate all is going as well as i could possibly hope.

My chemo is on a Thursday and i generally feel back to normal within the week, no fatigue, low moments and very slight nausea. But on a scale of 1 -10 i’d rate my SE’s at 2.5. So I count myself very lucky.

Just do as your body tells you, the steroids that you take for the next few days will probably make you hyper, i can remember cleaning my house from top to bottom as well as doing the front & back garden within a 2 day period, but it took it out of me for several days afterwards. My advice would be to let your body decide just how much it wants to do and dont push yourself.

Should you want to e-mail me with any other queries over the next few weeks please feel free to do so.
Big hugs

Stella X

PS Your spunkypositive attitude is fab, no doubt you will sail through all of this :slight_smile:

Hi Stella

I have also spent today cleaning the house and beetling about! I didn’t sleep terribly well - got to sleep late and woke early, but feel like I am firing on all cylinders!!
I am loving these steroids (and they’ve given me 5 days worth…)

It is comforting for me (and, I am sure to others) to hear that FEC isn’t all bad for everyone. Most of the stories on here can be a little bit scary.

Will update when and if I fall…
Flora (feeling like going for a jog!)

I had my first FEC a week last wed, was fine until the Saturday had flu like symptoms which laid me low for a few days, but either than that I had a horrible taste in my mouth, I have also felt a bit like I was drunk but without the alcohol, a bit light headed, I am now fine and not worried about the next one.

Im on day 12 after my first FEC chemo. Me too, I was on a high for the first 4 days until the steroids wore off. Then to be honest, it wasnt nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be - just felt like I had a massive hangover for a few days, bit of a sore throat and tongue and tired but now have felt almost back to normal for the last 2 days (since day 10!)apart from being a bit weary when I forget and try to do too much! Am planning on making the most of the next 9 days before they zap me again! Play it by ear day to day is what everyone advised me and just do what you feel up to! A good chance to pick and choose!!
Hope you are still feeling good!
Karen xx

Well, I am on day 4 and went into work today. It was all good and I still feel 100%, so I am hoping tomorrow will be the same. Two more days before my supply of steroids run out… !!! :slight_smile:

wow, cool, how much steriods dd you get? i only got 3 days worth lol!

5 days worth! It said to take for 3-5 days - well, I am crediting them with keeping me going, so I’m going to have the lot.

I’ve had no sickness at all either - was on ondansetron on the day of chemo and one day after, and metoclopramide since then. Am feeling very, very fortunate and counting my blessings.

if it works, stick with it! why suffer, we suffer enough me thinks. And one less thing to worry about whilst at work. I guess working keeps you feeling more normal too? I find i chatter on the steroids, so probably good job i aint in work.
hope all continues to be well for you

Hi, I started my FEC chemo sessions 3wks ago tomoro. Have the next one tomorrow. I have been reading all your posts and it seems how well everyone was. I was okay the next day but spent the rest of the weekend in bed feeling awful, terrible flu like symptoms!! I just got on with it thinking this was what I should be expecting. Coincidently, my 10yr old son was sent home from school poorly (fluey symptoms- swine flu suspected when my husband called the hotline!!) So he was quickly shipped off to grandparents!! I’m now beginning to think that the way I felt may have been a bug rather than symptoms of FEC. Has anyone else suffered badly?? I will mention it tomoro. Apart from that I’ve felt fine and even spent last week in Cyprus!! It all seems abit confusing, on low imunity days does it mean that you have to stay home? I have 3 young boys, so really don’t want to be seen as a poorly mummy and being normal takes your mind off it all!! Also used the cold cap, hair is thinning quite badly - but it was very thick! not sure whether this’ll stop or whether to just give up and clipper it all! It’s good to read all your posts, it makes everything seem less scary somehow!

Hi Slatch
It does sound it might have been a ‘normal’ bug - it is just ‘that’ time of year! Honestly, when I look at Facebook statuses, I think I am the healthiest one around at the moment!!

I guess you will know more after tomorrow’s treatment, so I do wish you well with that.

I have no intention of stopping going out/going to work during next weeks ‘low immunity’, but I do have some hand alcohol gel to ward off germs etc and will be a bit more religious about taking my temp just to keep an eye on things. It will be my OH’s birthday next week, and we’re off to a friends for the weekend - luckily friend is a doctor and her partner a policeman, so we’ll be in good hands!!

Glad you’ve managed to have a good week on holiday, and I am sure you will be able to keep going as a ‘normal’ mummy as long as poss. I think the mental battle and will to get on with it really does matter.
Take care
Flora xxx

Hi Flora,

Thanks for your comments. I do hope the next lot is better!! … we have sooo many bottles of hand cleanser and anti bac wipes kicking around I’m in fear of getting OCD after this!! Making every one clean their hands after they touch anything! I suppose using lots of common sense is a ggod thing!

Sarah x

… are the steroids you talk about the anti-sickness drugs???

Sarah x

hi just thought add how i,ve bben since first fec last thursday,same as everyone else till day 5 someone whacked me over the head i,m sure ha!ha!floored can,t find words to explain same 2day bit easier tonight, took some codiene seems to have helped,but have to say i have M.E. think may have added effect still looking to hear from anyone on chemo with M.E.? sending hugs to all sheena x