started running but had dead feeling in arm

I had reconstructive surgery just under 3 months ago. A couple of weeks ago I decided to join a gym and to take up running again. (haven’t run in 25 years) This afternoon my friend and I decided to follow the same route we did in race for life. " 2 mins walking 2 minutes running and so on. half way round my left arm where I’ve had the reconstruction felt heavy and dead. I had to slow right down and stretch my arm up.

Is there anybody else who has experienced this or is it just me?

Hi Diddly,

Yes, I have experienced this. I had a mastectomy in March 2007 and finished my radiotherapy in November 2007. I started running again then but only slowly, not very often. I stepped up the running in the Spring 2008 as I was supposed to be doing the GNR. In the end I stopped training because like you I had a funny dead feeling in the arm on my mastectomy side. It was definitely brought on by running and fear of developing lymphodema put me off! I then went to see the onc at hospital and was examined and she said it was nothing to worry about and there was no evidence of lymphodema or any problems. So, Ive started running again and so far so good, we will see how it goes if I step it up a little bit!

One thing I would say is that it is only 3 months since your surgery, its probably the earliest you could start exercising and perhaps your body needs a little bit more time to heal itself.

Anyway, good luck withe running and getting fit,
Polly x

Hi Polly,
It’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only one to have experienced this weird sensation. It wasn’t painful but it was certainly very uncomfortable and achey.

The day after I ached in places I didn’t know existed. My hips felt very stiff, especially around to the front and into the pelvic bone.

My aim is that next year I will run round Race for Life instead of walking which is what I did this year only a couple of months after finishing treatment.

good luck with your running as well