starting a cold what to take?!!

hi all, just woke up had a sore throat 4 a few days but today turned into a cold. think iv picked it up from my daughter despite trying to keep away. just wondered what we are able to take safely n should i ring n mention it? rozita xxxxx

Sounds the same as what I have. I’m half way through chemo so I had to have my bloods checked for infection. They said it was fine to take any normal cold remedies so I’m on decongestants and paracetamol and checking temperature regulaly.
x Em

As far as I know, you can take all the usual meds, but you must take your temp beforehand as paracetamol (which is in many cold remedies) lowers it and can mask any chemo-induced temperature.

I had a bad cough just after getting my first FEC and got it checked out when it hung around for 3+ weeks, and my onc gave me anti-biotics to try and clear it up. I’ve been given a lot more anti-B’s since as a ‘preventative’, so it is worth mentioning next time you go in, or sooner if you feel really unwell.

Hope you feel much better soon.
Flora xxx