hi I was wondering if anyone has had FEC T chemo?


Hi newmel

loads of us have had fec t so you won’t be lost for support and help while you are going through it. I finished my six cycles in august. It’s hard but not as bad as I had expected. I had visions of old 80s films where people had dreadful Chemo but it was nothing like that. Have a look on the top tips for Chemo thread as that’s good and maybe start a November Chemo thread if there isn’t one as it’s so helpful to go thru it with a group of friends at the same stage.

You can do it!


hi newel, I too am starting FEC T the week after next having had a bilateral mastectomy three weeks ago, here’s hoping we can get through this next chapter together! Louise

thanks Vickie.

How are you feeling now that its all finished?

mel xxx

Physically pretty good, emotionally I think I am actually doing quite well most of the time. I am going for the “head down get on with it approach” and have basically just tried to get on and look after my little boys who are 5 and 3 again. How old are you mel? Do you have children?

Hi Louise

Hope you are doing o.k after your surgery? Yes we can go through it together. I keep getting a bit upset at the thought of losing my hair and imaging what i am going to look like. I have booked in for the cold cap, but it sounds a bit like torture and dosent work all the time Ive heard, but I am going to try it.
I had a lumpectomy and 2 lymphs removed. It will be good to support each other through this because we will be at roughly the same stage. Have you got a date yet for chemo?

Mel xx

Hi Vickie
I am glad to hear you are doing o.k. It must be really hard for you with 2 small children, but I bet they make you laugh alot and cheer you up. Did you have support when you were going through your chemo?
I have just turned 38 on monday. I havent got any children which makes me a tiny bit sad. However, the onc suggusted I went to see a fertility doc so I did. I have just undergone like sort of IVF treatment and I have 3 eggs saved now. It all only took just over 2 weeks from start to finish. Even though I was going the hospital nearly everyday it was a reallly positive thing for me to do.
I am scared of starting the chemo, as I have Addisons diease. It is an auto immune diease and I dont produce adrenalin. I am steriods for life. I am so scared of losing my hair, but I have been looking at wigs.
Mel xx

Hi Mel good luck with tour chemo on the 10th I finished mine in August and just finished all my Rads aswell theres loads of support on here take a look at the thread Starting my pink road of chemo on the 15th Nov .theres some new Pinkies starting there and i have posted a load of tips courtesy of all the lovely ladies who helped me through mine xx take care hugs Julie
heres the link,-15th-nov-t28539.html

Hi mel,

Yes was hard in one way having the boys but luckily my mum lives 5 mins away so I basically reverted to being ten myself and mum looked after me, my boys and my husband! But having the boys also dragged me through it so was good as well as hard.

Once you have your first treatment done you will find it easier probably. It’s the same for everyone, waiting for the first Chemo is purgatory. You really will get there though.

Julie, look at you with your fancy post links, haven’t got the slightest inkling of a clue how to do that!!!

Good luck mel, keep posting, bc has taken away a lot from me but one of the things it has given me Is some knowledge to help other girls with.


I had FEC- T. The full works. FEC100 x 4 and then Tax x 4. Used a cold cap, kept all of my long, thick hair. Lost lashes and brows, but now after 9 weeks they are coming back. Yay!

There’s a thread on here somewhere about tips for using the cold cap. I found using it a bit shocking for the first 5 mins or so each time but that’s it. So glad I used it; would’ve taken ages for me to look like me again.

I had one serious event which kept me in hospital for a few days but no side effects really. Induced early menopause, but I’m 45 and quite frankly, hurrah for that :-). Batten down the hatches, take a deep breath and it’ll be over before you know it.

Oh, btw, I also have an autoimmune disease, different one, but am on drugs for that for life…did need careful monitoring during chemo and levels went a bit haywire but am ok now. Looking forward to finishing rads next week.


Hi Mel,

Yes I’ve now got a date for chemo - I start the dAy after you on the 11th. I too am worried about losing my hair - I currently have very long thick hair so I think it’s going to come as a shock. I’ve been online and brougt a variety of head wraps / bandanas and a couple of woolly hats - I don’t think I’m going to use a wig although who knows I might yet change my mind. I’ve decided against the cold cP - what will be will be I guess!

I’m going to the oncology unit this afternoon to look around before starting on Thursday so hope to get some answers to questions. Good luck for Wednesday.


I’m still waiting for a starting date for chemo - will be sometime this month apparently. I’ll be on the FEC as well (FEC reminds me of the old one in Father Ted). I’m unsure about the cold cap and thought I didn’t mind losing my hair if it would all grow back but the hospital gave me a Macmillan leaflet on coping with hair loss and there is a quote in there (page 37) from a woman who had hair loss: “I had straight dark hair until chemotherapy took it all away. That was shocking enough but when it grew back it wasn’t ‘my’ hair but something grey and fluffy.” This really worries me as I currently don’t have grey hair (I’m 42) and I don’t like the idea of losing it and it coming back grey instead of its usual mousey brown. Anybody got any reassurance for me?

I’ve also heard about hair coming back differently but some have had it come back curly when they have straight hair- not sure if that’s because it does something to the follicles??? some seems to have grown back much thicker than before- also if you currently dye your hair you may have forgotten what pur natural looks like - I have lots of blonde high lights so think it will look totally wierd “au naturel” - don’t know if you saw the jennifer saunders piccy in daily mail but hers looked totally grey but very thick? but she obviously dyed her hair before hand.

I think they are Ok for people to give the cold cap a go & see how they get on with it. I think if you say you want to try they will let you then if you can’t stand the cold you can stop???

Thanks Millykins,

I never have dyed my hair - which is why it’s mousey brown rather than a nice rich colour. I’m going to phone MacMillan when I get up the courage and ask about the quote in their leaflet. I know I sound vain but I really don’t want grey hair suddenly at 42. If it had happened gradually, or not when I’d also just lost a breast, I might not be so silly about it.


hey girls

good luck to you all.

join in on my thread,Search Results | Breast Cancer Now

we are the pinkies, and all dx around same time. im starting fec next monday 15th, so be good for u to join in.
xxx kazx

Hi Kaz,

will post on your thread with what Macmillan said.


nottsgal -
You are definitely NOT being silly about your hair. Unfortunately I think as women our hair is very much part of our identity - hence the huge industry to support it. I think we all care about what we will look like after this is finished - yes we know the important thing is to get rid of the cancer primarily BUT how we feel and look in ourselves is also very very important and can assist with recovery. Like you I am worried about whether it will come back with grey - especially as stress can change your hair colour I believe. I am 44 and so similar age & am so frightened all this will make me old before my time - what with the menopause etc to look forward to early as well. Let us know what they say about the quote - you never know it might be that the woman dyed her hair before???

Hi Millykins, I’m glad that as someone more-or-less the same age you can understand how I feel about suddenly being old. The Macmillan people said that it does happen that the hair grows back completely grey instead of the natural colour - usually with older women or those who have already started to go grey. I did notice 2 gey hairs about 6 months ago and removed them pronto. I haven’t seen any more since, and even those 2 might have been sun-bleached as they lookd more blonde than grey when I pulled them out.

The oncologist said yesterday about the possibility of early menopause and I asked whether that was a problem and she started talking about bone densities and osteoporosis. Just when I think I’ve accepted what’s happening, they throw more stuff in.

I know - Not only do you have to deal with the enormity of the actual cancer but all the side effects of treatment as well. There’s no 2 ways of looking at it - it is SH**

I wake up every morning acheing all over - which of course I then think is cancer spread - but really just think I need to do some more exercise!!! My hubby is getting me a wii fit board for christmas but early for me to do a little bit when I can & feel well enough just so I can do something to keep moving - which they say helps all round too (even though it’s often the last thing I feel like)

I think one of the things to do is accept that we have NO control over most of this stuff but try to focus on the few little bits we CAN control. like what we eat, exercise, getting out of the house when we can, still having treats to make us feel better & trying to make the most of when we do feel well & resting and taking it easy when we don’t. easier said than done & in typing this to you I know I am trying to convince myself!!!

Big hug & with the hair - no one knows what will happen to YOU - we are all different & lets just keep our fingers crossed for a lovely healthy glossy return of beautiful mousey coloured hair XXXXXXXXXXX

Thanks Millykins,

The last sentence gave me a laugh - I never said my hair was beautiful (I only like it now it’s probably going). I’m glad you added the bit about treats to the sensible advice about controlling what we can, as I just had a chocolate Hobnob - they were actually bought for our extremely good builder who is up on the roof at the moment and therefore out of reach of cups of tea or chocolate Hobnobs. Probably just as well as I have been upset today and my red rimmed eyes might be a bit much for him to deal with.

Wii Fit is brilliant. When the builder has finsihed, I’ll be able to get mine out again. I used to use it quite often and some of the exercises are more about balance than exerting yourself if you’re not up to it. 10 days after my op I went to stay with my parents, who are retired and live in Dorset and I went for long walks with them by the sea. Now I’m home alone (til hubby gets home from work) and it’s cold and there’s no sea, I’ve stopped going walking.

Soup for lunch today I think - keep me away from the Hobnobs ;0)

Thank you and hugs to you too

Hi I started Chemo FEC T on 27/10/10, after a lumpectomy and axillary clearance and am due to have second one on 17/11/10. Just remember we can do this!!! I got well stressed out but I think the thought of the side effects were worse than reality: a headache and nausea and feeling a bit odd were what I got. Even managed to go to work the day after! Not looking forward to the next one but I feel more able to deal with it. Not looking forward to loosing my hair and currently stressing about how to tie scarves. Hope all goes well for you, keep your chin up and you can always come back to Dorset for more sea!!! xxx Shelly