Starting chemo, 24th June. Anyone else?

Sorry may have posted on the wrong page.
I start chemo on the 24th June. I’m having DOC and EC. Is anyone having the same or similar? Does anyone have any advice on what I need before I start?
I met a lovely lady in the advice centre at my hospital and am seeing her on Friday so she can go through things properly with me as she diddn’t want to bombard me with too much information.
Having bloods taken was a bit of an experience as the lady doing it diddn’t prepare me properly and shoved the needle in without telling me. We both jumped and I now have a lovely big bruise on my left arm. Someone else came over and did it properly as she had done it twice with no success. Other than that it was a really good experience and I’m glad a plan is in place.

Hi Sonya,


Was thinking of you today. I’m so glad you feel better having a plan in place, I hope I do too. I see the Oncologist next Wednesday 15th May and am petrified of having chemo, I change my mind umpteen times a day whether to refuse it or not but being a Grade 3 and HER positive and therefore needing Herceptin, I don’t think I really have a choice in the matter. Been feeling really low the past few days, I think the sunshine and hot weather makes me feel even worse as everyone is happy and enjoying themselves in the sun.


I don’t understand the different kinds of chemo but I’m pretty sure my Breast surgeon said FEC x3 and FECT x3 was the standard treatment at my hospital. I suppose I’ll find out more next week when I see the Onc. I have a huge list of questions!!


Did your Onc discuss percentages/stats with you about having chemo? Did you get any info re wigs? I’m not going to bother cold capping.


Very best of luck with your chemo treatment. Keep us posted.


Best Wishes


Hazel. xx

Hi Hazel.
My Oncologist did not give me any percentages today. I knew I was having chemo but was unsure of what type I was having. I’m not sure why he has chosen 2 different types but I’m sure whatever he chose it would cure me. It’s very hard when you are asked, do you have any questions? As my mind just goes blank.
My husband has taken complete charge of everything which is strange. He’s wrote everything down, when I expect to get treatment etc. He isn’t usually so pro active. I think he has realised that I’m not always going to be there to run everything. I may be in bed resting.
As for the wig, Christies has a support centre who help with things like that. The lady was really lovely and said I could get my wig on Friday if I wanted. She is going to give me what I need to get it. I don’t need an appointment. Once I have the voucher I’m free to get it when I want. I was given a dvd with lots of information about what to expect and what to do if I feel unwell. They have a 24 hour emergency hot line that I can call at any time day or night.
I’m sat watching the big c and me. It upsets me in parts but I suppose we have to see all sides of it.
How are you doing Hazel?
I really hope you are doing OK and are getting as much rest as you can. I have had some really bad days too. Especially when nothing is happening and you are waiting for results and for the next step of the journey. Unfortunately I was told that I needed a bone and ct scan before going to Christies but found that they had not been ordered when I rang my hospital on Tuesday last week. I had to keep pushing to get them booked. It’s annoying when you feel that they should be looking after you and they don’t. My ct scan was clear but the bone scan results are not back yet.
Good luck Hazel. I will be thinking about you xx

Hi Sonya

Just to say if you are under Christies you can go to Nicky Clarke in the city centre for your wig too, they trim it so it looks a bit nicer or if you dont have time and cant get an appt and decide it needs a trim look on the trevor sorbie my new hair site for places that trim them. I had chemo Nov15 - Mar 16 under Christie you are in good hands if you are under Mr W. The staff at the christie are fab .

Depending on where you live did they tell you about the mobile chemo unit? Its fab less travelling and less waiting around

Please be assured chemo is doable I was V lucky and had very few side effects but it worked very well

Jen x

Hi Jen,
No I wasn’t told about any mobile units. Luckily Christies is really easy to find and the parking was incredibly cheap. Not like at my local hospital where I had surgery. It’s really expensive there.
Thanks for the info about wig styling. I will look in to it.
I dont have Mr W, but everyone I met was really lovely.
I must admit that I’m worried about all the side effects and getting an infection. I suppose I will not know until I start, how I’m going to feel.
Thanks for getting in touch.
Sonya x

Just to say if if you go to clinic at your local hospital ask about parking you may get it cheaper im under hope and I didnt know for ages that I could till a HCA in clinic told me. I hope all goes well for you x

Mobile unit is fab they have set days in set places but cover Bolton, Trafford, Bury, Salford,Ashton, Hyde and I think a couple of other places I had mine at Trafford one of the other Nov ladies is from Wigan so went to Bolton

Jen x

Hi Sonyacheet,

Just wanted to wish you well & say do come and join us in the ‘June 2016 Starters’ thread. Some of us have already had our first dose but others, like you self, will be later in the month.

My first was yesterday (FEC x 6) & while I felt rough for the afternoon & evening, I’ve had a reasonable night & don’t feel too bad this morning.

All the best,
B x

Hello, I’ve only just seen this stream! 

I started another stream asking if anyone was starting 24th June a few days ago, so will delete it…

im recovering from surgery on 24th May. Lump and 8 nodes taken, 2/8 affected. Tablet no good to me, only chemo. Reality dawned last Friday when I met the Oncologist - it was brutal! 

Quite a low weekend, until I spoke to a cousin who has done this p. She told me about these monthly groups. That was the nearest I gave got to tears, so far - reading posts in this site all about chemo and what others are going through. 

I will have all my prep appointments next week and then 1st dose Friday. Getting my bob chopped tomorrow - a funky ‘chemo cut’! ?

Ive also been reading posts in the main June 2016 Group because those girls are just that bit ahead of us. 

Sounds as though some of you are in the Manchester area. I’m not far and have been going to Halton and Warrington for this that and the other. It will be mostly HALTON now as there is a dedicated unit there. 


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