Starting Chemo 26th March

Hi Everyone,
Im new to this forum and am a little nervous. I am starting chemo next week and am scared stiff of all the horror stories ive been told. Is anyone else totally confused like me. I dont think ive listened to everything the oncologist and nurses have said to me and I didnt take anyone with me to the appointment as I thought i’d be ok. I know ive got to have 3 lots of FEC three weeks apart to begin with then switch hospitals for the next chemo, then 5 weeks of radiotherapy and then hormones. Does that sound the norm.

Sounds perfectly normal.

Have you got a breast care nurse you can call?

I recommend taking someone with you for your 1st chemo, you could also ask the nurses there any questions. They are happy to go through everything again with you.

Some people have minimal side effects from the chemo. You tend to hear the worst on here because people only post when somethings wrong… not when everything is going well!

Please try not to worry. I’ve found it a bit of a slog but it is doable.

Scally wag,
Absolutely normal. I had my surgery on the 20th of Feb and will start chemo on the 9th of April; 4 FEC and then 4 TAX, followed by rads.
There are a few good threads around chemo.
The one absolute with chemo is that it effects everyone differently. Being prepared and ‘educated’ is important… this site has been invaluable to me.
Please read some threads, ask any question - this will put your mind at ease.

thanks girls,
I had surgery on the 15th of Feb,right masectomy and aux lymph removal. I think my main problem is that everything is happening so fast. I seem to be cramming in so much before I start chemo incase it knocks me out. Im due 3 FEC and then 3 TAX and then rads then hormones. I will start my next list of questions for the chemo nurse.
The breast care nurses have been fantastic as was the surgeon.
Thanks for the tips, will have a look at other threads. Ive just realised im not the only one who has to have treatments.

Your right about posts being put on when things going bad, and thats the bummer of it all…

My first chemo was tuesday… it went ok nothing to worry about until the side effects come…

I have had 2 x fec, I was like you and terrified, I was a nervous wreck going in for my first one, so much, that my legs were shaking the whole time I was there, the nurse gave me some medication (loperamide), to help with my nerves, it did help. I was amazed how very few side effects I suffered, when I came home, I honestly thought I would have been very ill, I slept really well, felt very sick when I woke up, took the steroids, half hour later I was brilliant, I did take the sickness tablets every 4 hrs, felt sick for 3 days, tablets worked well for me, they could for you too.
I had my 2nd chemo 2 weeks ago, that also went well, I go for my 3rd one same day as you go for your first, will be thinking of you, hope it goes well for you too.
Love Tracey… xx

Hi scally wag

Welcome to the forums, in addition to the support you are receiving here please feel free to call our confidential helpline where you can speak to one of our trained helpliners on 0808 800 6000, it’s open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2. Also, you may find the following thread called ‘Top tips for chemo’ helpful to read too, here’s the link:

Hope this helps.
Take care

Hi Scallywag,
Just wanted to say I had my 1st chemo recently and 2nd will be on Friday 26th. I think I’d read up so much on Ses that I had rather terrified myslef! The chemo went smoothly, the nurse was wonderful, and in the end the SEs were completely manageable. I felt grotty (like v hung-over!) for 2 days but I wasn’t sick and then I gradually improved each day - some nausea for 10 days, and feeling drained of energy at times, but nothing major. Its important to drink lots and to rest when you need to. It was such a relief. I just hope its similar next time.

I did find it rather nerbe wracking just to go the chemo ward and have it all done, but it was not as bad as I’d feared and we all manage it somehow.

I am not on the same drugs as you but take heart and good luck for Friday.