Starting chemo at North Devon 23rd Dec

Hi all,

I had the Hickman line put in this morning. Not a pleasant experience and the stupid thing is still oozing several hours later. I am horribly bruised and battered even though the anaesthetist was very careful.

I had been told that I wouldn’t be starting chemo until after Christmas but the oncologist has vetoed this, so I’ll be having the first AC on Thursday.

Feeling pretty low about it all at the moment but I guess that’s inevitable.

Sorry to moan but I guess I was so looking forward to not feeling rubbish over Christmas. :frowning:

Nymeria x

Hi Nymeria, I had a hickman put in 12 days ago; mine too oozed for a bit , and ive still got some lovely bruises, but it is much more comfortable now, and the district nurse cleaned it up nicely. It’ll be worth putting up with as they are so fab for taking bloods, giving chemo etc. Hope yo still manage to enjoy your christmas, xx

Hi nymeria i no people are different my experience with AC was probably 4days later when steroids have finished i felt tired and loss of taste it did return before my next session so hopefully you will be ok xmas day and the new year hope this helps

Thanks for that both of you.

I’m still feeling very sore today and had to change the dressings 3 times last night, so I went up to my GP this morning who sorted it all out for me (it’s a bit of a trek to the hospital at the moment!). I have the most amazing set of bruises though! :slight_smile: I might not sound like it at the moment but I am pleased to have the line put in (honest! :D) as I have vasculitis which means my veins are really hard to find and very easy to damage, plus they take a long time to recover. I still have a hard vein from the cannula put in for my mx and that’s 6 weeks ago today.

Still feeling quite anxious about starting chemo tomorrow but the sooner it’s started, the sooner it is over with. I’m having 8 cycles, possibly 10 depending on how things go and it’s a grueling thing to go through isn’t it? We went and did all the christmas shopping today and decided that we’d go the whole hog even if it meant waiting a couple of days if I wasn’t up to eating it on the 25th! :slight_smile: Oh and lots and lots of chocolate, purely for medicinal purposes of course! :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Nymeria xx

Finally at home and feeling decidedly icky notwithstanding all the anti-emetics so will be breaking out the oral ones very shortly. I’ve a horrible metallic taste and just generally feeling yuck. Plus I’ve got to go back tomorrow for 2 units of blood as my red cell count was very low, they think it’ll take around 5 hours. I’ve been feeling very tired over the last 10 days or so and just assumed that it was from the stress/hassle of everything but they checked back over several weeks and it’s been going down steadily since my mx and will need to be monitored.

I’ve also developed an allergy to the dressing on the Hickman which isn’t helping matters any as it’s very red and inflamed.

Weirdly even though it’s nice and toasty both at the hospital and at home I feel absolutely freezing, no idea why that should be.

Anyhow moaning aside - have a good Christmas everyone! :slight_smile:

Nymeria xx

Hope you feel better soon Nymeria. The first one hit me hard, but it did get better after a about a week. The side effects are different for most people, but what I did learn is not to suffer in silence. There are meds available to help with most of the side effects. My tastebuds usually take at least two weeks to get back to normal, so keep back some of those christmas treats for when you’re feeling better!! Mine are just returning now, so hope to be able to enjoy christmas dinner!! My 5th chemo is due on the 4th January, so I’m very lucky to be able to enjoy New Year too!
Hope you manage to enjoy the season, and if not postpone till you’re able to! Hope it goes well for you tomorrow. Take care, Karen x

Big hugs Nymeria - take the oral meds regularly, don’t wait to see ‘if’ you need them. Just wrap up warm and look after yourself.

Sophie xxx

Hi Nymeria - Thinking of you - take care

Big hugs

nymeria, hope all is soon feeling much better for you. Keep forward looking it helps with those side effects. I decided i wasnt going to have any side effects from chemo and touch wood, i feel a little queezy for 4 days, and when blood counts are at there lowest i have a runny nose and feel lazy lol. I manage to do most things that ive always done but walk my dogs instead of run.I dont muck out the horses because of the infection risk but am still strong enough to break in ponies.I consider myself extremely lucky so far. Keep strong and you will be good. Have a good xmas and enjoy as much as you can. Thinking of you.

Thanks everyone!

I had a very crappy night xmas eve but managed to eat at least some of the fab xmas lunch that OH cooked (aren’t I lucky that he’s a good cook?). Things really don’t taste the same at the moment but with the help of the anti-emetics I am keeping things down even though I still feel decidedly icky.

Today I am bushed and sat in bed doing a bit of surfing instead of getting up. A few days of rest is now in order I think! :slight_smile:

I hope you all are having a good xmas!

Nymeria xx