starting chemo before lumpectomy

Hi, i am due to have SNB tomorrow then wll start chemo asap after, have an aggressive grade 3 bc and have chosen to have chemo to hopefully shrink the little devil before having a lumpectomy.

Any advice regarding chemo and dealing with children? mine are 6 & 11, the 6 year old ( boy)is very upset at mum losing her hair,

Anybody had their op after chemo?

I think you need to be very careful with your 11 year old too. My children are 12, 15, and 18. My youngest was just turning 12 when I was dx (her party had to be delayed for my mastectomy). I have found that it has affected her the most. I think it is because she is old enough to understand (it doesn’t help that one of her friends lost her mother to cancer when she was 6) but not really old enough to deal with the information.

Tell you 6 year old that you will either get a lovely wig, or will have a variety of colourful hats/scarves instead, and you will still look great.

I had my op first, but there are plenty the other way round.

Best wishes

I have a grade 3 lobular cancer and had finished my chemo (3 FEC and 2 Tax). I’ll have a mastectomy next week.

My 9 yrs old son doesn’t mind me being bald, he told me I don’t have to wear a hat or scarves at home!

Chemo is hard but doable. Good luck. You’ll get a lot of support from ladies ( and men) in this forum


Hi Sarah

You may find it helpful to look at the Breast Cancer care booklet ‘talking to your children about breast cancer’. You can find this at the following link:-

I hope you find this useful.

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BCC Facilitator