Starting chemo FEC-T on 29/4/14 anyone else doing so?

I’m 57 and was diagnosed on january 8th this year with an invasive ductal tumour grade 3  of 9mm  I had 2 surgeries to remove it and some lymph nodes. The second one was because they hadn’t taken enough of a margin around the tumour . they found a second one of 7mm and third of 0.5mm. It hadn’t spread to the nodes thankfully and the arm is ok now apart from the odd twinge. 

I opted for a Onco/dx test as the hospital had funding and the results of that made the oncologist change my treatment from FEC to FEC-T ,with 

I go for my visit on Thursday to the chemo unit . what i want to know is ,do you have achoice as to which line for the administration of the drugs they use. Having read a bit I’d prefer a portacath under the breast bone as the one in the arm sounds horrendous(I saw a lady with one ,3 tubes stuck to her arm and she said she couldn’t get it wet ) plus I sleep on the right side and have 2 lively cats . 

Is there anyone who is starting soon with whom I could compare notes and support 

Hi Ladycroft,


I didn’t get a choice. I think they might try a cannula in your hand first, and if that works and your veins are good, that is what they will use. The cannula is removed after each treatment and a new one inserted next time. I think they only suggest other methods (portacath etc) if they have problems cannulating you, or if you need Herceptin which is over a longer period. I had all my chemo through a cannula as I appear to have pretty good veins. If they do give you a portacath, they can be left in indefinitely. I know several people with lung conditions that need regular IV anti biotics over long periods of time. The have a portacath in permanently.


Have you joined the May chemotherapy group. You will be able to compare notes with the other ladies having chemo at the same time as you.


Good luck


poemsgalore x

Hi ladycroft.


I am having a portacath fitted tomorrow,I was given the choice but the nurses recommended it. I have surgery on March 31st to remove a lump of 8mm and 11 lymoh nodes…10 of which were infected.

My chemo begins Tuesday 29th April, would love to compare notes xx Ruth xx Sorry in a mad rush as just going for a bone scan xx