starting chemo in July

Oh Penny wish I could give you a huge cuddle. Your right it’s nice to be able to talk to others who know exactly how you feel we are all with you x. Hopefully this might help, I had a real positive experience today I visited the Haven as I walked in I felt out of place being one of the only ladies with any hair, looking around scared me seeing what was in store, But do you know what I left there feeling great. The ladies were fantastic examples of how to get through chemo they were so lovely giving me tips and advise. They shared there success with me and gave me confidence that I can cope and get through this as I am sure you can do to.
Have you thought of booking a treatment there? Honest it really helped me.
Glad you had a nice time in Rome x
Sharon enjoy your holiday I will keep my fingers crossed you get some fantastic weather x
Take care all. Love Adele x

Hi there I lost this thread, but glad I have found you all again.

Oh Shroomie, your post has made me feel very sad for you, I can’t even begin to imagine how scared you must be at the thought of chemo, it was the one thing that filled me with terror. I am sending you a huge hug and really hope you manage to keep your hair. A friend of mine used the cold cap and her hair thinned out a bit but she still had alot of it and I certainly didnt notice any difference. Really glad you had a nice time in Rome, I hope you feel better for the break.

Hi bumbles, I have been told that because my nodes were clear and it was grade two chemo would be an over treatment. But the same nurse who said that, also questioned why I wanted a bilateral mastectomy, telling me quite frankly that my cancer could come back as a secondary in the future somewhere else!!! Nice nurse eh! Did you have your hair done. I must admit, before I knew I wasnt having chemo, I kept not rebooking to have my colour done as felt I would be tempting fate, daft I know. Really glad todays experience at the chemo ward helped, its amazing how strong the human spirit can be.

Lisha I hope you enjoy your holiday and come back feeling refreshed. Congrats on your silver wedding, mine is next March! I am off for a few days myself before my operation next Friday. Two days in warwickshire and then two days in Wales, back monday night and then off to the Marsden on Friday for my next lumpectomy.

SGL xxxxx

Hello everyone
I am jumping in here a little early because I have my first Chemo on Monday 27th of June.

I have invasive lobular carcinoma with 5 out of 5 lymph nodes testing positive. I am 55 and we celebrated our silver wedding last year. 3 kids - youngest is 21 - 2 grandchildren boy of 7 girl who will be 3 next month.

I have my pre chemo assessment at the hospital tomorrow - will let you know how that goes. I have picked a wig, got some scarves and everyone is telling me how well I am coping and how organised I am.

The truth is that I don’t feel I am coping at all. It all seems dream like. As if I will wake up soon and everything will be as it was 6 weeks ago.

Anyway - I just wanted to jump in and say hi - and as I step up to the plate with my first chemo at the end of June - perhaps I can hold the torch up for the rest of you to follow.

We can make it through this - my thoughts at the moment are that I can can cope with this one day at a time. All that matters is right now. And I can cope with now.

I am sending out massive hugs and positive thoughts to all of you who are going through this horrible horrible time.

Debs xx

Hi All

This is my first posting on here and Supertrouper I know exactly what you mean. I am 56yrs old, married with 2 kids (26 and 21) no grandkids, and I am not coping at all. I have TN grade 3 carcinoma and had a mastectomy 20th May, just waiting for my pre-assessment for chemo now which should be next week, to be followed by radiotherapy.
The whole thing seems so unreal and I just cannot talk to people about it - only my OH and a GF know exactly what I have. I can cope with the practical stuff like getting a wig fitted and buying stuff in advance - but every now and again the whole reality of my situation just overwhelms me.
So yes coping one day at a time is what we have to do - thanks for being so positive.


Hi july ladies, just wonted to tell you that having chemo is awful but it is doable. I started mine in march after WLE & SNB with clear margins & nodes, but because I am only 51(fell older most of the time), I would be having 6 FEC then 15 rads. That information just passed me by for quite a few weeks, while everyone under the sun told me have brave I was!!. Today I finish my last fec & if I can give you all any advice it would be listen to your bodies, I over did it on the first one, rest when you need to, take as much help as is offered, drink lots & lots before & straight after chemo & I found eating litttle & often really hrlps keep the sickness at bay. Also if you are struggling witth any se ask for something to help, there is usually something that they can give you to help. Another thing I would say to do when you are feeling ok is book yourselves on a Look Good Feel Better course, its free & you get any amazing free goodie bay full of expensive products.I wish you all the very bst, you will all get through it xx

Hello all,
I have already started chemo but would love to join this thread as i havnt really had anyone to talk to. I have grade 1 stage 3 and had mx and node clearance, only just found this site and would really like to support and be supported, im married with 3 children and trying to protect them from all this, will be great to have somewhere to chat with others going through the same horrible thing. best wishes marika x

Hi Scorpio,

There’s a thread for us who have started in June if you want to come and join us as we’re already chatting about side effects and supporting each other. We all dip into each others threads anyway to help each other out, but the June thread is full of ladies who’ve already had their first treatment. Including ladies with children. Here’s the link:


Hello All

Just had the phone call confirming I start chemo next Thurs (30th June) I knew it was coming but oh dear I am sitting here trying to take it in.
Thanks for your tips Crazylesley - and any more that anyone has would be really appreciated.


I had my pre chemo appointment last week and a tour of the department. The specialist nurse was very nice and explained everything and asked if I had any questions. I was given a red chemo treatment book where they will write down what I have been given and I have to circle any side effects and how severe they are. I was shown round “the ballroom” which is where the treatments are done. Very spacious and light room with lots of windows. I have asked for the scalp cooling in the hope that I will be able to hold onto some of my hair. They showed me the hats which look a bit like cycling helmets, these attach to the machine that circulates very cold fluid through the cap. I will give it a go although I don’t like the idea of being in the room for a long time because of it.

I was also given a credit card sized “alert” card, which you use if you have to go for any type of treatment (i think) it alerts people to the fact you are undergoing chemotherapy.

The veins in the back of my hand were also looked at and apparently appear to be good.

I think I am starting with a cold so I am taking my temperature regularly and will ring the unit in the morning to check if I am still okay to start. My appointment is at 1:45 and I will come back and do a full report on how it went and how I feel in between treatments.

Hugs to everyone (((((((HUGS))))))))

Got back from my first chemo (EC) - I gave the cold cap a go and I must say that if you can stick it out for the first 10 minutes then you will be fine. I got talking to a girl who had finished chemo after using the cap and she had a fine head of hair so I think its got to be worth a try.

The chemo nurses were lovely, wimbledon was on the tv, plenty of mags and papers around.

I had a cannula fitted into the back of my hand then a drip attached, she injected steroids and an anti sickness drug before taking me over to have the cold cap fitted. Half an hour with that on my head and then they injected the chemo drugs. Painless, no side effects so far. That bit took about 30 mins but then had to keep the cold cap on for a further hour and a half. So if you aren’t having cold cap treatment you could be in an out within 40 minutes.

Come home with steroid tablets to be taken over the next 4 days, anti sickness over the next 2 days and some other anti sickness to be taken when needed. Also got stuff for the injection that the district nurses will do tomorrow that will boost white cells to be released - and also got the blood paperwork for when the nurses do the pre chemo blood test 3 days before the next session.

Going to wash the conditioner out of my hair now and get something to eat. Good luck everyone who is waiting to have their first chemo.

Hello ST! One down! Well done!

Just a quicky - the advice is not to wash hair for 24 hours after using the cold cap. There’s details here on the Paxman leaflet:

My hospital actually reccommend 48 hours, which I’ve done. Greasy! But I just stick a headscarf on for a couple of days.

Good that you met someone for whom it worked. It seems a bit of a mixed bag on the forum - but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!


Hi sandytoes

Too late was the cry! I rinsed it off my hair and then just left it. Didn’t even comb it. Hope I haven’t fallen at the first fence with the cold cap. Time will tell. I have just read the paxman leaflet and the advise against baby shampoo too. Doh…that is what I had bought. Guess I need to go shopping again.

Sure you’ll be fine for the first round - this is when your hair’s strongest. And if you just rinsed it off and left it then I’m sure it wont be a problem.

Yeah - I just noticed the baby shampoo thing. I’ve been using Simple, but had bought some really nice smelling baby shampoo. Oh well!!


Thanks for the reasurance Sandytoes. My hair looks a real mess this morning, I normally style it a little and add some products to it to try and control it. My profile photo is the back view of me wearing my wig. My natural hair is quite curly. My OH said my hair looked relaxed and sexy - which is more than I do!! Oh well, one day at a time.

Hardly any sleep last night, must be the steroids plus still got some tenderness from the SNB. New Iphone should arrive today so that will be a distraction of some kind. Banana eaten (potassium levels in blood low apparently), anti sickness and steroids taken (tick) Everyone who works has gone to work and the house is quiet again so I will write up my diary then try and sleep for an hour.

District nurse coming today to do the white cell booster jab between 3:30 and 5:30pm. Nothing else planned for the day.

Hugs and positive thinking to all of you xx

I’ve got curly wurly frizzy hair too. And can’t say that I’m looking my best at the moment!! Especially as I’ve got greys peeking through my roots as well BUT still persevering as I’ll be able to style it a couple of months after finishing chemo if it holds on that long! Fingers crossed!

Hi - can I join this thread too? I am having my second round in the ring with BC, am 41 and have just had a mastectomy and tram reconstruction. Am due to start chemo a week on friday as long as my tummy wound infection is cleared up. I wont know till the day - talkabout keeping me on tenterhooks!

I am having 3 x Fec and 3 x Tax - have started looking for headscarves/wigs but its just too depressing right now!


Hi everybody,got my 2nd FEC yesterday and am feeling great at the moment. Because of the hot weather we have been having i decided that as long as i had my factor 30 dry oil scalp spray on and kept to shaded places that i would go commando and not wear any scarves on my head or anything. I was a little nervous at first but i must admit i feel fantastic and am thinking that i am not gonna bother with anything.
Good luck with all your treatments x x x

Hello Rubythursday and TFITHURSDAY and everyone else in this thread. I feel great today, just been told off by the chemo nurse for trying to do too much so I am going to take her advice and rest up in the garden with a very interesting book called “how the mind can heal your body” - nothing to lose by reading it. I also have a book on meditation and visualisation that has been very useful for helping to transport my mind to nicer/calmer places when needed.

My wig is in a box under my bed - I’ve worn it four times so far, twice in the shop, once to choose it and once to get it trimmed. She asked if I wanted to wear it home!! NO THANKS. Wore it twice at home to show the kids (kids? 25 and 21 year old boys still at home) And again to show my husband. If I lose my hair I am prepared, I’ve got a few scarves, and a couple of buffs on order.

Stay positive everyone - not the easiest of things to do sometimes but just remember, all we have to deal with is RIGHT NOW. Don’t project your thoughts too far into the future (or the past for that matter) just enjoy the NOW.

Deb xx

Hi There July Ladies

I’ve had to Jump over from June.

I was all ready to start the FEC regime and found I have Cellulitis around the MX scar.

Presently on Anti-Biotics and ‘hoping’ I can get clear to start in July. (bit of a mis-nomer that as I am wanting to get started so I can get finished, and dreading starting in the first place)

As soon as I have a start date I’ll hold virtual hands.

Love and Hugs
June (or should that be July?)

Hello Gypsylady (June) and everyone else in here.

I am on day 4 following my first EC Chemo treatment and feel so very tired and a little nauseous. Took my last batch of steroid tablets this morning and my last anti sickness tablet last night. Everything I do leaves me feeling drained. Also, my attention span is a bit wonky, I start to do something and then the phone rings and I then wander off after the phone call and start doing something else. Something to watch out for I think especially if you are going to drive! I managed to lock my keys in the boot of my car on Monday - something I would never normally do.

Anyway - onwards we go, one step and one day at a time. Hopefully I should start to feel better by the time day 7 comes along.


1 down 7 more to go - then surgery - then radiation.